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eYe political commentary (surreal political/mob backstory unraveling before us) 11/25/19

As the release date of the final Star Wars movie approaches, one sees the will of The Force ripping off the layers of the onion of this global #trumprussia conspiracy. Since the Thursday impeachment hearing, we’ve learned a lot about Rudy Giuliani, Devin Nunes, and Mike Pompeo’s nefarious roles and activities. So much info it's hard to know where to start, but I guess it's the NYT article that unravels Rudy’s scheme to bribe UKR oligarchs with legal vulnerabilities in exchange for manufactured Biden dirt.

Rudy worked 3 tracks, 2 of which the NYT covers, and the last they leave open.

Track 1 - Dmitry Firtash

It's well established Firtash is/was the front for the Russian mob and Kremlin in Ukraine. Firtash is under indictment in Fed court in Chicago for bribery (bribed some Indian pols in global scheme with ties in the US). He is in Austria and is fighting extradition.

Rudy offered Firtash a deal: give Rudy dirt on Biden, Rudy will provide well connected lawyers (Fox's Toensing/DiGenova) who will work the case and get it dismissed (or at least get some key evidence invalidated to give Firtash a shot). Parnas/Fruman worked that deal and Firtash bought in. One of the things Toensing/DiGenova did is raid Firtash’s files for Biden dirt and got a statement from the sleazy former UKR prosecutor and John Solomon confidant Viktor Shokin (whom Biden removed and resident conspiracy loon krs97a exalts) which got released to Rudy and others pushing this angle. Toensing/DiGenova did meet with Barr, but it doesn’t look like Barr did much other than to refer them to the prosecutors running the case.

Track 2 - Ihor Kolomoisky

IK is one of the richest oligarchs in UKR and backer of Zelensky. Zelensky’s win came as a shock to Team Trump and they had no connections to him (which is why Trump/Rudy were skeptical and put the squeeze on from the start). Rudy dispatched Parnas/Fruman to meet with Kolomoisky but it didn’t go well. In a scene worthy of a movie, this is how IK describes it going down:

Mr. Kolomoisky said the two men came “under the made-up pretext of dealing liquefied natural gas,” but as soon as it became clear that what they really wanted was a meeting between Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Zelensky, he abruptly sent them on their way. The exchange, he said, went like this:

“I say, ‘Did you see a sign on the door that says, ‘Meetings with Zelensky arranged here’?

“They said, ‘No.’

At this point, Rudy trashes Kolomoisky and Zelensky in the press. This is why Trump/Rudy put the hard squeeze on Zelensky. They didn’t trust him because he wasn’t responsively corrupt. An extortion plot would be needed to force Zelensky to do what they wanted.

Track 3 - The Poroshenko gov

The NYT article’s big gap is regarding the deal Trump/Rudy had in place with the prior Poroshenko gov. Per the NYT:

Mr. Giuliani spoke with Ukrainian officials like Viktor Shokin, the former prosecutor general who suggested, falsely, that Mr. Biden had had him fired for looking into Burisma, as well as with Mr. Shokin’s successor, Yuriy Lutsenko. And he enlisted Ms. Toensing and Mr. diGenova, trusted colleagues since their days together in the Reagan Justice Department, to help interview and potentially represent anyone willing to come forward with dirt. Mr. Parnas acted as translator and fixer, crisscrossing the Atlantic with stops at the Manhattan cigar bar that was Mr. Giuliani’s hangout, a strip club in Kyiv and even a Hanukkah reception at the White House.

The campaign seemed to be paying off, with the Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, poised to announce the investigations Mr. Giuliani sought, when the political situation changed. On April 21, Mr. Poroshenko was unseated by Volodymyr Zelensky, a comedian and political novice, sending Mr. Giuliani scrambling to establish a conduit.

The NYT never explains why Poroshenko would announce a deal to investigate Biden given how bad that would be for Ukraine’s standing in Congress. What they missed is Trump/Rudy leaned on Poroshenko in 2018 to stop cooperating with the Mueller probe on the Manafort investigation and made a threat of holding up javelin missiles. It was widely reported at the time Poroshenko obliged and abruptly ceased cooperation.

Rudy made connections to Yuriy Lutsenko, a close Poroshenko ally, (and probably the guy who pushed Poroshenko to stop cooperating with Mueller). Lutsenko picked up Shokin’s accusations and tried to persuade Poroshenko to announce investigations as a way to please Trump, which in turn might help their relations with Moscow.

What's now apparent is Rudy worked with Manafort’s lawyers to get him to stop cooperating with Mueller and go to jail, on promise that Rudy would work UKR angle to undermine the entire Mueller probe findings, frame Biden and the DNC, and create the basis to pardon Manafort, lift sanctions and win re-election. [cont]


[cont] Rudy could get hit with a conspiracy against the US charge by trying to solicit personal favors in exchange for corrupting a DOJ prosecution (re: Firtash). Rudy’s single minded determination to recreate the Comey letter scenario of a bogus investigation announced under an official seal also seems to run afoul of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Rudy is also trying to recreate a Steele Dossier scenario where US investigators find dirt on an opponent (except Rudy is extorting foreign officials and bribing foreign nationals to provide that dirt). It also adds to violations of the Federal Election Campaign Act, bribery, and extortion claims.

Trump has an open relationship with the Russian mob, and we’re seeing how Rudy worked those angles for him. Lev Parnas is unraveling the whole story. However, there are a few more angles we need evidence on: 1. The extortion plot against the Poroshenko regime which was predicated on obstructing the Mueller probe, 2. The role of the Kremlin. Where are the specific touch points where Kremlin operatives assisted this plot to squeeze both Poroshenko and Zelensky?


Very excellent job, eYeDEF! I'm betting the nimnut T-rumpers on the board can't follow along if you paid them to do so.


LolZ, yeah but it didn't matter. The rest of us know very well the orcs will deny what they see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears. There is no amount of testimony or evidence that will make any of them see that what we have is a President who has violated his oath and sold out US foreign policy for personal political favors and his personal attorney/fixer who sold us out to stuff his own pockets.


So true.


So what do you make of Rudy's "Insurance Against T-rump" remark ?


He pretty much said the same on Laura Ingrahm's show a while back when reports were saying Trump was thinking of throwing him under the bus. As the lawyer who orchestrated this entire scandal for trump after getting Manafort to back out of his cooperation agreement with Mueller in exchange for a pardon and exoneration from this ukr adventure to clear his name, Rudy would have been insane not to keep tapes.

What trump didn't anticipate is that the Ukrainian American mobsters in his and Rudy's employ would keep tapes too. d0h! Of course professional mobsters are going to keep tapes when doing dirty work for the President. They know they'll be the first scapegoats should anything go sideways. And that's exactly what trump did throwing Parnas under the bus.


Also posted this to Doggie's other topic, but since it may also be related to this one as well I'll post it again:

You know what's interesting is how this other REAL BILLIONAIRE (who's not a FAKE ONE like the SCAM MAN who only pretends to be one) has also decided to RUN now at the same time as all the rest of this stuff is happening.

And since PUTIN is also FAMOUS for pretending to be FRIENDS with BILLIONAIRE's before he has them JAILED (so that he can CONFISCATE their MONEY for himself) …

could it be possible the SCAM MAN is no longer USEFUL to HIM anymore, and he's also decided to THROW the SCAM MAN UNDER the bus by way of these other characters that RUDY was working with???

Can you imagine what the SCAM MAN would do if he also DISCOVERS how he's also been SET UP and SCAMMED by PUTIN???

This time the other UNSCHEDULED PHYSICAL may also result in a HEARSE coming to pick him up???

Especially if the SCAM MAN also finds out those RUSSIAN LOANS he's been getting have been CALLED IN leaving him BROKE and with no where else left to go if he wants to borrow MORE MONEY for his FAILING BUSINESSES like THE BED BUG RIDDEN DORAL and the POST OFFICE in DC that he's turned into a HOTEL???

Anyhow maybe PUTIN also thinks this other BILLIONAIRE (BLOOMBERG) would be more USEFUL to him than the SCAM MAN???

Because he's also got HIS OWN MONEY, and PUTIN wouldn't need to FUND HIM the way he does the SCAM MAN???

Plus what use can the SCAM MAN be to PUTIN anymore now that we've FOUND OUT what he's been up to???

PUTIN definitely will need another NEW PUPPET now that the STRINGS of this other one are ALL TANGLED, TWISTED UP, and CORRUPTED.

What's also interesting is how on MSNBC this morning they discussed how there's only 1 BILLIONAIRE for every 500,000 of us. And we've also got 2 of them RUNNING for OFFICE now as DEMOCRATS???

They also say the BILLIONAIRES are all FREAKED OUT that LIZ is ahead of BIDEN now.

So naturally one also wonders if PUTIN wants to get RID of the SCAM MAN and start up a NEW BROMANCE with someone else who is running for office.


“Talk to Rudy”

Excellent job eYeman!


I agree! Excellent synopsis.


It’s getting closer to official, Rudy is skating into FUBAR territory.

Subpoenas described to WSJ today listed more than a half dozen potential charges under consideration: obstruction of justice, money laundering, conspiracy to defraud the United States, making false statements to the federal government, serving as an agent of a foreign government without registering with the Justice Department, donating funds from foreign nationals, making contributions in the name of another person or allowing someone else to use one’s name to make a contribution, along with mail fraud and wire fraud.

He’d go to jail for the rest of his life if these crimes were charged. We’ve seen the pattern before with the other Trumpers who got indicted or plead guilty. The only one who had a potential rap sheet this long was Mike Flynn and he ended up pleading out and got a pretty good deal for essentially committing treason (until Judge Sullivan has his say next month, he might change his mind and throw the book at him after his last second change of testimony).

It’s the end of the line for Rudes. I hesitate to say this given all the bad moves SDNY made on the Cohen-Daniels matter after the great work done to name Individual-1 as a co-conspirator, but SDNY does appear to be building a case not just against Rudy, but Trump himself.

And we've already seen how Barr couldn't prevent Parnas/Fruman's arrest by SDNY nor was he willing to get involved when lobbied by DiGenova/Toensing. His power to interfere has limits.


And how long before T-rump denies he ever knew Rudy? He was just the pizza boy.

But Rudy better play his insurance cards!


So, what happens if Trump wins a second term? We all know he wants to win a second term to avoid New York's charges. How utterly ridiculous is it that a sitting president can be immune from charges while in the hell can we call ourselves a free country if this can happen? That's ridiculous.

In any case--the main drive of my questioning is: is there a statute of limitations on any of this?

If Trump loses 2020, all indications seem to be that the hammer will then come down on ol' Dump and HARD from New York.

Are you still convinced that Donald will lose the election? If so, do you think it will be close or do you think he'll lose heavily?


With his being EXPOSED for the SCAM of HOLDING TAX MONEY HOSTAGE that was suppose to be used to DEFEND UKRAINE, he's NO USE to PUTIN anymore.

And if he's NO USE to him, then PUTIN will also be looking for another PUPPET to play with.

And that also means the one that he's been PLAYING with could also end up following in the FOOTSTEPS of his other PAL (the one who liked playing around little girls from JR. HIGH SCHOOL ... like PRINCE EDWARD of ENGLAND has also been accused of doing).

So what one suspects is the SCAM MAN is definitely HISTORY now (one way or the other).

Because he's been MIXED UP in way too many SLEAZY SCAMS (like the FAKE UNIVERSITY, the FAKE CHARITY, HIDING the situation with the PLAYMATE and the PORN STAR, etc. etc. etc.) to not have made MANY, MANY, ENEMIES who want to GET RID of HIM.

If I were him I'd also STAY AWAY from DALLAS where JFK campaigned for RE ELECTION.

Because those COWBOYS down at the BORDER where he wants to BUILD his WALL (and his SON in law also wants to SET UP CAMERAS on people's PROPERTY so that they can RECORD the WALL being built) also aren't going to LIKE THAT at ALL.

And TEXAS also has a way of GETTING RID of people that they DON'T LIKE (like the SUPREME COURT JUSTICE who was probably also SCREWING HOOKERS from MEXICO when he died down by the BORDER).

Because DEAD MEN also don't put PILLOWS over their FACE after they die.

So that's my PREDICTION.

Something else is probably also going to HAPPEN before the NEXT ELECTION.

Like another UNSCHEDULED VISIT to the HOSPITAL AGAIN (where the next time he also leaves in a HEARSE instead of in a LIMO that takes him back to the WHITE HOUSE again).

Because all of that FAST FOOD he consumes is also bound to CATCH UP with him sooner or later.



Aaaaaand almost the entire centipede club is here!! Rah rah rah!!!


surreal political/mob backstory unraveling before us

Humming BILLY JOEL's song:

We didn't START the FIRE …

it was always BURNING since the WORLD's been TURNING


What else does one have to say???



A song about bitching and offers how many solutions? Oh yeah, ZERO. That's nothing to be proud of. Just FYI. If you're going to bitch and do nothing about it, why don't you just move to Venezuela? It's a socialist's paradise. You'll fit in nicely.


Below is the evidence of Trump Russia collusion as confirmed by the Mueller report. We’ll go ahead and list it along with the witnesses who testified under oath that there was Ukrainian quid pro quo.

Any questions?


Talk to Rudy !
He’ll straighten it out for ya Lol!