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eYe impeachment commentary 11/15/19

Wow! I expected Yovanovitch would be a difficult witness for the GOP to get traction with because it was so obvious that she was railroaded. She didn't disappoint. She also connects the SDNY investigation of Parnas/Fruman/Rudy with this House Intel impeachment on the UKR scandal. Yovanovitch is only a witness to one part of the timeline but is also a target of Trump throughout. GOP would not want to touch it and many did not. Gym Jordan wanted no part of this. Nunes was the tool that he always is. Stefanik guaranteed that her opponent (Tedra Cobb) will have a well funded campaign.

But this hearing went even better than the transcript for the Dems. Schiff and the Dems really used this opportunity to connect Parnas/Fruman to Trump’s corruption; went through an exhaustive analysis of the 7/25 call memo to show how damning it is; Schiff highlighted the witness intimidation that has been endemic throughout Trump’s term in office and then was aided by Trump tweeting in real time, which Schiff called him out on. I’d also add that Dems did a really good job of reading the GOP arguments and countering them on the spot.

In addition, Schiff made clear that Yovanovitch was in fact replaced by a partisan hack, Sondland, who became the eyes and ears of Trump in the State Department, thus demonstrating that the hack job orchestrated by Trump/Giuliani was successful. It’s because Yovanovitch was successfully removed that Trump created the opportunity to solicit a bribe and enforce it by way of extortion.

The Dems could not have framed this better. Bravo! Btw, what a finish by Schiff and a moment for Yovanovitch at the end! Netflix series worthy. Drop the mic worthy.


But Hillary's emails!


Seriously, I heard she got an applause at the end for her dedicated work as a government employee. She should never have been treated the way she was by T-rump & Company.

Thank You for your synopsis of what went on today. I plan on catching up later tonight on MSNBC - 'Last Word' and '11th Hour'.

(I'd tune into FOX as well, to get fair and balanced reporting - but there's nothing more I need to know about Bengahazi, or Obama's fake birth certificate. So why flip the channel? )


I think you might be surprised. You might catch Bret Baier admitting that Trump committed impeachable offenses and Chris Wallace opining on how compelling Yovanovitch's testimony. Check out Bret's reporting on Trump's real time witness intimidation.


I just wish this would lead to donald's removal. There's no hope of this making it through the senate, is there?

I hate that because this sounds so damning for Trump--ESPECIALLY that witness intimidation tactic if his.

Makes me frustrated because what good do all these bombshells do if McConnell and company will never vote to remove him? It seems doomed right out the gate.

Word is that most opinions probably won't be swayed either way from this whole impeachment.

Again, I apologize if I seem like a constant stick in the mud in these update threads but I'm simply wanting to know this: in what ways does this realistically damage Trump, in your opinion? Just curious. That whole shtick from McConnell about refusing to hold a vote has been bugging me from the beginning. I just want to know that Trump's fat ass has been damaged from this. What do you think?


Dude there were nearly 14 million viewers that tuned in on Wednesday and Chris Wallace on faux news.reporting on "devastating" testimony by Bill Taylor and George Kent. I don't know how you can say that doesn't have value in swaying public opinion among people that don't follow the day to day on this stuff.

Don't pay attention to turtle insinuating he won't hold a vote. One of the most partisan lickspittles in the Senate, Texas Senator John Cornyn, even conceded the other day Republicans don't have anywhere close to the 51 votes they'd need to forego holding a vote.


I'm just being cautious and don't want to get my hopes up is all. *I* saw it as devastating. *You* saw it as devastating and I'm sure most of the Trump apologists on this board saw it as devastating.

The reason why I'm worried is because things were NOT looking good for Trump to even be elected in the first place...yet, he was. Whether most of that was due to Russian interference or not is anyone's guess but he DID win. Things look bad for him now as well, do we know for sure?

I guess I'm sort of at the point where it might take one of Trump's heavy hitters going down to really convince me the tide has turned against him. Barr, Graham or Turtle would easily do that.

We're living in strange times where it seems all but obvious to most of us how crazy this orange cretin is and yet we also see almost unwavering support from his base.

Now I know all this is smoke and mirrors to a certain extent (Trump making his rallies seem larger and more powerful than they are, paid Russian trolls trying to sway public opinion, etc) but I guess I'm just not versed enough on the politics to understand just how much pull Turtle or Barr have. The way you, the news and others here and on other sites make it sound, it could easily be manipulated enough by Turtle and Barr alone.

For what it's worth, I share your view on this looking absolutely devastating to Trump. I'm only worried because that's just how bad things have gotten: we just don't know how far Trump and his cronies will go. They should have dropped this guy years ago. Hell--they should be dropping him like a hot plate right now. Trump is making the republican party look like a legion of psychos. It's absolutely damaging them to continue throwing in for this guy--ESPECIALLY after the testimony yesterday where Donald not only made himself out to be a bully but a bully toward an honorable woman who really didn't deserve that sort of treatment. They need to cut their losses and vote to remove that a$$hole.

I believe everything you're telling me. That's not what is at issue here. My issue is that I'm worried that corruption will somehow win out here. Donald's ENTIRE presidency has been based on obvious corruption winning out because a handful of people let it happen. I guess I just want reassurances that Donald can win this one with Turtle and Barr batting for him. Those two scare me to death--especially Barr.


Anyway, I just want the orange turd gone and I want him to go down hard, painfully and in total disgrace.

I hate Trump's guts like you could never believe. He's the only president who ever scared me. EVER. He scared me because, when he was elected, my wife and I were so scared because of how anti-immigration he was. My wife immigrated here totally legally, of course, but we heard about his anti-immigration rhetoric and told people who said we were overreacting that he would target legals eventually. Sure enough, he did and continues to do so.

She had a green card at the time. We were always planning to make her a US citizen but were waiting for another three years since we'd paid so much for her green card and didn't feel a need to hurry. When Trump won, we accelerated out plans, spent money we didn't have and accelerated her US citizenship process. We paid our fees, she took her tests and interviews and she's been a citizen for a few years now. Donald Trump is why we did all that three years sooner than we'd originally planned. Donald Trump. I'll never forget that. I'll never forget how much that bigot made us worry. NO president ever scared me like that. People were gloating over Trump's win and telling me: "I hope he deports your wife!" and other horrible things. Never in my life did I experience bigotry of that magnitude from people around me. It was like we'd taken a trip to the 60's or even 30's. It was surreal.

So, understand that I want this piece of garbage gone as much as any of us here. I am emotionally invested in the hopeful ousting of this monster.

Being the husband of an immigrant, I've gotten a chance to meet countless immigrants and it makes me sick to my stomach how Trump and his toxic base refer to them.

I hate him. More than you can imagine--I HATE him. That's why I'm being so cautious. I want him gone like the plague. I'm just worried he's so corrupt that he'll find a way out or be provided one.

Yeah, my wife and I laugh now at how we worried so unnecessarily about the immigration thing. Turns out, Donald can't deport legals no matter how much he and his bigoted base want to. But, at the time, we felt that anything was possible. I'll never forget that. I'll never forget the fact that a president of my own country scared me.

So, I'm with you, buddy. I'm excited. I'm just cautious. I got so used to the idea of this loser being bulletproof, I guess.


Agreed 100%


What was amazing was how even the Republicans questioning her were so moved by her testimony of being railroaded by Trump's thugs they almost uniformly thanked her for being the model foreign service officer that she was.

When has a witness ever provided such moving testimony before Congress that they receive a standing ovation by everyone present? Perhaps never. It's only the second day of public hearings but this impeachment inquiry is going far better than I could have possibly imagined or expected.


Amazing testimony from an amazing lady!


That makes trump look all the worse for bashing her on Twitter.


Exactly. The optics are terrible and if he doesn't know it yet he's going to be made aware of it soon and hit the roof. But it won't matter because he can't help himself. He lacks the impulse control to reel himself in.

You don't see how he's just a ticking time bomb? We're just on the second day of public hearings and he's imploding before our very eyes doing crazy, self incriminating stunts that make him look 100% guilty; this time backed up by impeccable witnesses testifying to his guilt. This is about mobilizing 60% of the public to turn out and crush him in a landslide along with any GOP Senator who votes to acquit because they collectively recognize the President is an unstable criminal.

The facts make his guilt irrefutable. The dems are doing a fantastic job so far laying out the facts before the American people highly engaged in watching these hearings. The spectacle for us is watching how far Trump melts down where he'll inevitably turn on his own defenders in Congress and members of his inner circle for his predicament; because we know he'll always choose to blame his own loyalists when he gets desperate instead of take any personal responsibility. We have front row seats to this fabulous tale of comeuppance as we'll get to watch Republicans squirm and sweat as he turns his Twitter guns on them. We get to lay odds on how much abuse certain members will take before they crack and flip.

I don't know how you can't enjoy this.


Well, remember that I'm ignorant toward politics, for the most part. I'm a newcomer to all these issues. I guess I'm just worried about Turtle and Barr more than anyone else. Am I just overestimating their powers?

I want to enjoy this. I guess I just feel burned after the Mueller probe. I thought he was going down for that. That already seemed so devastating and NOTHING fcking happened. NOTHING. People rarely even speak of it anymore from either side. Obama would have been GONE after that. Guaranteed. I guess I'm just being cautious as I don't want to get excited about another Trump investigation and then have it crash and burn again. That probe should have already been enough but he skated by and now it's as if it never happened. That thing was MASSIVE and any other president would have been severely damaged from that.

I am enjoying this. I'm excited. Hopeful. I'm just also being cautious. These are not normal times we live and this administration is so corrupt that some of the most insane, mind-boggling and massive crimes I've ever heard of a president committing have just been swept under the rug with a shrug and barely any resistance. It's scary.

I'm hopeful, I am. I'm just also worried some little rat is out there, planning Trump's escape from all this. You know what rats I'm referring to.


And now repubs want Hunter Biden to testify. LMAO. Maybe they can find out the exact dollar amount he earned a month and shame him for making so much money in a perfectly legal business venture.


I’d love to see Hunter & Rudy testify the same day


Republicans are getting desperate because they are watching Trump disintegrate right before their eyes.


What irks me most about the Ambassador's fate is this: If the president could replace her at any time for any reason? why didn't he just call her home. Why make up all the negative stuff about her? No, instead they had to trash her good service and good name. That is disgraceful and if you are a Republican who supports that, you are trash too.


T-rump isn't presidential in any sense of the word, He doesn't do what's right, nor common sense.


Why don't they want to see T-rump testify, and clear up this whole mess about the Perfect Phone Call ?


Like all the witnesses presented in this abortion of justice, Yovanovitch has zero to offer. She was fired by The President of the United States in May, 2 months before the nothing burger phone call that this farce is based on. You know, the call we can all read the transcript on that confirms zero impeachable offenses.

The difference here is she was fired for insubordination and corruption. Unlike Obama who just fired all of Bushs ambassadors as soon as he took office. Wonder what he was going to be hiding?

We all know Ambassador Christopher Stevens family wishes he’d been fired. Instead Obama and Clintons incompetence lead him one better, he was burned alive in Benghazi.

You’re going to have to try a lot harder this time to spin this flavor of the week communist Democrat party/media miscarriage. You already have a proven track record of extreme ignorance after backing the laughable Russia collusion sham that Mueller confirmed there was zero evidence of.


"The difference here is she was fired for insubordination and corruption"

Yet under questioning yesterday not one GOP House member nor the designated Republican staff attorney Steve Castor questioning her ever made mention of this supposed insubordination and corruption you're alleging. That's because her record is impeccable and your allegations are fictitious.

That's what happens you take your fuhrer's word for it instead of fact checking. You end up making a fool out of yourself. But you're used to that by now.


Fantastic imagination you have Gd