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2020 Dem. Candidates BEG Media To Stop Fact Checking Them During Debates..

This is hilarious!

The Democrat Party has a platform with two legs ( talk about unstable). One is Propaganda, and the other is Mythology ( a cute way of saying they are habitual liars). The news media is the organization of lackeys spreading both.

Between the Civil War and the Great Depression the Nation on the whole supported individualism, personal responsibility, and the liberty and freedom associated with both. Four Democrats had been elected during this period, Cleveland twice and Wilson twice. Hoover, a Republican was blamed for the depression, but it was FDR who prolonged it and it took a world war to finally end it.

However, since the depression, the intellectuals, supported by the news media, have promoted outright the notion that it is government that supersedes individualism, responsibility and hard work, and this has morphed into the blatant socialism of the Progressives.

Trump doesn't spread mythology nor is he telling Whoppers. They are..