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FBI Implicated In Destroying Evidence To Help Hillary Clinton

Now that the Mueller Investigation has proven a bust, Conservatives -- aka wise people with simple common sense -- are now on the OFFENSIVE!


Phooey. I couldn't care less if Hillary "got away with it".

The DOJ keeps throwing out distraction after distraction. The Mueller Inquisition...Lori Laughlin paying bribes to get her kid into USC...Epstein hiring underage hookers 15 years ago. It's a show intended to distract from the real issue -- the origin of the Trump investigation.

An administration pitting the law enforcement and intelligence capabilities of the U.S. government against its political opposition is potentially the most serious abuse of power in our nation's history. If any crimes were committed in connection with those activities, we need to know that asap and those involved must be prosecuted. It is obscene that it's taking this long to answer those basic questions and Barr must realize that patience is already worn thin.


If they can corrupt the DOJ, it’s a guarantee they’ve corrupted NASA to push the climate change nonsense.



Comey publicly announced his investigation of Hillary's assistant's phone.

Comey did not publicly announce his investigation of Trump until after the 2016 election.

Instead of arguing against it the first time, you reported it. Typical "wise" conservatives indeed.