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A man (Trump) who never ran for public office before...

...runs for president and wins because the people are weary of useless, corrupt politicians who just play the game. They make a good speech -- for sure -- but are otherwise ineffective.

- Coming into office, he refuses the salary (because he doesn't need it) and donates it instead.

- He goes to work: cutting taxes, eliminating unnecessary regulations, reworking unbalanced trade deals, getting foreign governments to pony up their fair share.

- The economy soars -- unemployment is a record lows, the stock market at record highs.

His reward? Two & a half years of witch-hunt investigations of a nonexistent crime rooted in a phony dossier, constant slander & false accusations, and endless talk of impeachment.

Of course, IF he were a Democrat, he would be praised as the greatest president since FDR. That's Liberal (aka LIEberal) Privilege.

Wake Up, America!


He should be in jail with his fixer Micheal Cohen.
If he was a democrat ( which he was) he would be impeached for a blow job


Let me guess, you get your "news" from MSNBC and CNN?


Please - can’t you read, watch, listen and learn.


Please - can't you read, watch, listen and learn?


And your point about Bill Clinton proves my point: He committed adultery in the White House and blatantly lied about it ("I did NOT have sex with that woman"), obstructing justice. Yes, he was impeached by by the House, but the Senate did not come to the required 2/3 majority to process it; so he was acquitted.

In short, absolutely nothing came from it and the mainstream media (who are in the pocket of the Dems) gave him a pass -- as usual -- and it was quickly forgotten. Imagine the insane outrage if Reagan, either Bush or Trump did the same? It's Liberal Privilege. What is it about this don't you 'get'?


A blow job vs the criminal operation that is in the Trump administration is laughable.
You are following the indictments, arrests and corruption since 2016? ..., aren’t you?
Maybe yr just deaf, dumb and blind


Which was my point about your getting your "news" from MSNBC, CNN, The View, Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, etc. and their laughable "Russian collusion" delusion, not to mention their pathological Trump Derangement Syndrome. The fact that Mueller had zero commentary concerning the phony Steele dossier, which prompted the FISA warrant permitting the FBI to spy on the Trump campaign, or the part Hillary & her cronies had in financing the dossier, tells us everything we need to know.

If you and Dems/Libs are so concerned about foreign interference in U.S. elections, why do you favor millions upon millions of illegal aliens entering the country and allowing them to vote? (Obviously because Dems need a new voting bloc since American are wising up to their looniness & corruptions). That the real foreign interference.


I don’t watch TV
I get my news from Trumps tweets and the disturbing facts in the Mueller report


Yeah, the report that took 2 years employing 19 pro-Dem lawyers, 40 FBI agents, issuing 2800 subpoenas, executing 500 search warrants, interviewing 500 witnesses and costing tax-payers $35 million. The witch hunt failed to indict a SINGLE member of Trump's campaign for collusion with Russia to influence the 2016 election.


Yr kidding!?! You should read this thing over the summer


That’s a bit generous. Calling read pre focus grouped speeches from teleprompters “good speech” gives career politicians far too much credit.

Look at Obama. We were told for 9 years what a great speaker he was. Name one inspiring Obama quote. There aren’t any. There are some dandy fails. For example:

“You can keep your doctor” - Barak Obama lying to the American people about Obamacare. 2007-2013.

“Create jobs? How you gonna do that? Wave a magic wand?” - Barak Obama showing his utter incompetence to a group of brainless lemmings October 2016.

Or how about the peace de resistance, Hilary Clinton. The smartest woman in the world and wife to the first black president at the First Baptist Church in Selma, Alabama, "mimicking black dialect." As she recites the lyrics of a hymn by Rev. James Cleveland. 'I don't feel no ways tired. I come too far from where I started from. Nobody told me that the road would be easy. I don't believe He brought me this far,' Clearly the smartest least racist woman in history.

Both outstanding career politicians, orators of the kings language. An inspiration to lemmings everywhere.


Thanks for the details; I agree.

I was just pointing out that they're good talkers (and liars), but not doers.


Trump is a great President, he just needs to stay off Twitter!


indeed, he is great...


Cutting taxes... LMAO. For whom did he cut taxes?? hmmmm...?


If you don't like cutting taxes, vote for a Democrat. They love "Big Government" and the waste, worthless bureaucracy, and corruptions thereof.


You didn't answer the question.


Still no answer. Figures. If you like trillions of dollars in tax cuts for billionaires, vote Republican. They LOVE taking everything you have and keeping your loyalty by feeding your ignorant views.


Yes, I did answer your question: Taxes are always higher under Democrats because they love "Big Government"; and the useless, stifling, strangling, stultifying bureaucracy/regulations thereof costs MONEY, which they can only get via TAXES. One way or another, they'll find ways of getting your money (and then wasting it) -- income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, tolls, extra (meaningless) fees, higher fees, idiotic fines, etc.

by feeding you ignorant views

Apparently you don't realize that the mainstream (lamestream) media is an unofficial arm of the Democrat Party. Wake Up and See.

Apparently you also didn't notice that the economy's booming and life is good in the USA compared to under Obama. I'd cite the stats, but it'd be a waste of time.


No. You didn’t.


The economy is booming for whom?

Who got tax cuts?

You don’t cite stats because they’d disprove your argument that life is grand for the average person with trump as president.

I’d wager a month’s wages that you’re collecting some sort of BIG GOVERNMENT welfare handout, probably social security for a psychological disability.


Check the stats yourself. Even usually lying Libs concede to the booming economy. Do you live under a rock?

The basic facts of American politics are simple: Dems/Libs love "Big Government" because they worship the government. And Big Government costs money, which Dems can only get thru higher taxes, fees, tolls, fines, etc. Like I said, they WILL get your money one way or another, whether you're blind to it or not.

Look no further than Obamadontcare: It's amazing that people who think that it's too difficult to pay for doctors, hospitals & medication in a competitive private system somehow think that we can pay for doctors, hospitals & medication PLUS a useless government bureaucracy to administer it.

Conservatives (aka wise people with common sense), by contrast, don't worship government and don't think more "Government" is the best answer to all of our ills. By "conservatives" I don't mean RINOs.

As such, under wise conservative control taxes/fees/fines/tolls/bureaucracy/regulations are naturally less.

Your final comment is pathetically ad hominem and irrelevant. Grow up.


All you Trumpbots do is play pretend that there's an economic boom. Its a completely fictionalized version of his presidency.

To get there you have to pretend the 2016 economy was in shambles. It wasn't.
You have to pretend Obamacare was taking health insurance away from people. It wasn't.
Then you also pretend Obamacare was giving insurance to those who didn't deserve it. It wasn't.
And you also have to pretend you're feeling the positive effects of Trump's tax cuts. You aren't.
Just like you have to pretend Trump's border policy is making you safer. It isn't.

First you praise him for being a populist who doesn't bow his head to special interest. Then you praise deregulation which is obtained through special interest. Every politician is lobbied by someone who wants to make more money. Deregulation is all about generating more profits for corporations. More profits for them. Less safety for everyone else. Trump said he wasn't for special interest. THAT was the reason Trump won the rust belt. The Obama administration showed it didn't care about rust belt issues such as Flint's water problem and jobs going to Mexico and overseas. But here comes Trump!... to give more deregulation so the water is worse? More deregulation sending more jobs away? lol, well done, Trumpy. One day you'll wake up and realize those regulations were put there because the people wanted them there.


Applause 👏🏾 👏🏾👏🏾


So it’s true; you’re on Disability. Enjoy the FREE STUFF. That wasn’t a random attack but an educated guess because it couldn’t be more obvious.

As for ad hominem attacks: give us all a break. Every comment you post contains at LEAST one.


And fwiw I have nothing against people with mental disabilities nor against people who COLLECT DISABILITY for mental disabilities. If you need it you need it. That’s what it’s there for.

Just don’t sit around on your government check putting down what you love to call BIG GOVERNMENT.

It’s absurd.


such boring propaganda

You're only reiterating AGAIN, repeating AGAIN, the FEW "bright spots" and completely obscuring all the nasty stuff you ACTUALLY love.

That's propaganda! Redundant repetition to distract from what is supposed to be obscured.

You do it more and more and more as you see the obscured becoming obvious and known.

You're definitely a Fascist RedHat, probably a White Nationalist too.

So transparent. You guys are totally in my sights now, and I'm going to be looking for a comprehensive published essay on this, which I'm sure is out there, maybe several.

I'm going to be slamming this board with obvious literal truths, in fact I already started. Look at the topic I made today.

Deal with it. I have no reason to respect tribalistic Fascists like you.