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"Doctor Who" on TV, and James Bond on the big screen - how they compare

irst of all, regarding the way in which they differ:

(1) the former is a cult phenomenon which goes back a long way through history, and which still needs an introduction in various foreign countries;

(2) the latter is a movie franchise which has consumed by audiences all over a large fraction of the world, and which hardly needs an introduction, especially after the political changes that occurred following the fall of the Berlin Wall, and so on;

(3) the former is science-fiction, while the latter is...action.

But they are somewhat similar, in that:

(1) the former can be regarded as being almost identical to Sherlock Holmes in terms of behaviour (for example, he is obsessive, insensitive, and has amazing attention to detail), while the latter may have been inspired by Holmes on the one hand, but is otherwise completely different on the other;

(2) the movie franchise and TV series began within a year of each other, while both came to an unexpected halt in 1989 - although the former was eventually revived in time to give fans three spectacular movies (1995/97/99) while the latter was revived in the form of a mostly American television movie in 1996, and after that, there were no new TV outings (properly) until 2005! :mad:

Where the similarities can really be found, is that not only have the roles been played by various actors who mostly get younger and younger (although 007 has never had to regenerate on-screen) but in both cases, some actors have out-stayed their welcome, while others are under-used.