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Silent film Actress Lupita Tovar dies at 106

November 12, 2016 by @TVNotasmx /
Mexican actress Lupita Tovar dies at age 106
After complications in the heart, he died this Saturday.

The recognized actress Oaxacan Lupita Tovar , who starred in ' Holy' in 1932 , the first movie Mexican sound , died on Saturday to 106 years old .

Natalia Guadalupe Tovar Sullivan , his full name and who was born on July 27, 1910, died at his home Los Angeles California , said Lucy Tovar, his niece.

He commented to the agency Notimex from his home in El Paso, Texas, which lies some years, that on July 27 last partied with her aunt its 106 years , accompanied by the closest relatives , some of whom live in New York, another in Los Angeles, as well as Mexico City.

"The truth was already very tired, this morning I spoke to my cousin Pancho and said he had become more sensitive after he started last Thursday complications, especially with his heart , " she added the Mexican actress also.

Lupita Tovar was discovered by American documentarian Robert J . Flaherty, after auditioning in the country attended by a hundred girls, aspiring stars.

Flaherty chose her and took her to Hollywood , was the manager in addition to enable it to make it a complete actress. She quickly learned English.

Thus it began with small holdings in the cinema Hollywood silent .

It was in 1930 when he jumped to fame with Hispanic versions of Hollywood films , among which Dracula , after which he returned to Mexico to star under the direction of Antonio Moreno,


Haven't seen her silent work; actually, only two of her movies: "Santa" (1932) and, or course, the Spanish version of "Dracula" (1931), and she was very beautiful, charming and sexy. Loved her in the interviews for the documentary on the making of "Dracula", in which she was very gracious, classy and funny. May she rest in peace.

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