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Regarding Lois Moran

I'm mostly inquiring about her early-film timeline.

I see that Lois Moran studied dance in France, made a film there (or in Spain?), then traveled back to the US when Hollywood called upon her to make Stella Dallas. Immediately after this, she made, with Marcel L'Herbier directing, Feu Mathias Pascal (1926) (Apparently called 'The Living Dead Man' in the States).


Does anyone know if she made 'Pascal' on the strength of Stella Dallas, or if perhaps Pascal' was filmed first, in '25, but not released til after Stella Dallas? It looks like this was her last film made in France. This predates the pseudo-trend of European countries importing US actors by some years, so there's a slight question of 'trendsetter' regarding Miss Moran, but probably her working in Europe had little to do with those that came later, Louise Brooks, Anna May Wong, Erich von Stroheim, Richard Basehart, Clint Eastwood, etc. etc.

Also, was it during the making of 'Matthew Pascal' that she met F. Scott Fitzgerald? Did they even meet? I read that Moran was Fitzgerald's inspiration for his heroine in "Tender is the Night". - Spatially speaking, they were both in Paris-proximity around 1925/'26.

If you ever get the chance to see her in Tod Browning's The Road to Mandalay, try not to miss it. It's one of Browning's quickest paced films with excellent atmosphere partly due to one of the most interesting set designs among any of his films. It also has an interesting performance from the man, the myth the legend, Lon Chaney (sporting a great made-up facial scar), as well as the sweet Lois Moran and finally a performance from Sôjin Kamiyama that's like a striking snake.

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I can answer your questions. I have her bio somewhere.

To be continued ....

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No, Lois Moran made Matthias Pascal first, in Franc, and then "Stella Dallas" over a year later in Hollywood.

Lois met Fitzgerald in Hollywood at a party in January 1927.

She soon visited the Fitzgeralds at their home, Ellerslie,in Delaware in May 1927.

These people were quite the globetrooers, especially considering none of it was air travel.



Thanks. I appreciate you finding all of this out and letting me know. Much obliged!

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