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Vader vs Grievous

I just read somewhere that George Lucas created Grievous as foreshadowing Anakin's transition to Darth Vader. That said, who do you think is better?

Cybernetic enhancements:
Grievous has improvements (i.e. Four arms, strength and agility), while Vader's suit was often a hindrance (although it did save his life).

Hmm. I'm gonna say Vader wins here, since he has use of the Force (Grievous only uses lightsabers). Both are good fighters, so it's almost a tie.

While both are interesting, Grievous looks like an ugly insect. Actually, they both look like bugs, lol. Still, I personally like Vader's appearance better.

All in all, I prefer Vader. Your thoughts?


Vader all the way.
And if they fought, Vader would just use the force to crush his exposed heart...


Hm. Good point. And thanks for commenting!