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Peter Larkin - Shade (At Wall With The Approach Of Trees, 2)

Shade (At Wall With The Approach Of Trees, 2)

Never so far rustle from tree watch, the wall is occupied in quietening the
plantation's siege of being, recalls it into the shading of approach.

Wall-dispersed shadowings only begin to find the vertical in a wind which
spreads the obstruction, to be seeded against trees in welcome.

How close into trees the smooth surfaces pan under, whose shadows play
onto wall such wide innovations in rack, discontinuous passage patiently
wrapped in single edge.

The open not just but approached in silent, shade-giving accord with a
walling-off. Dressed to overshadow wall or feed it well, until that supplied
nakedness calls out a liminal foliage to stretch it short.

The weakest lane that can go through landscape, horizontal nodule which
won't neighbour horizon until the stub of it is stood up at the delimit of tree-
shades calling it out.

Trees shade out sky, what might have freed them from the barrier they
support upon themselves if that wall hadn't unfurled a vertical trembling
over partitions which re-owes all that heights dissolve in air.

A wall of travel that the types of shading are differential, impedance stays
together for the offer of a contrary, no longer fixed in sheer (roaming)

Differences of roots and foliage call out wall not to a depth of trees, but to
the craning towards/turning from they are held over surface by.

As if roots take to the air for a high lattice stalled before a barrier not a
pathway but a gap between shade and the vocation of shade.

Plantation at wall-to-reel boundary, a telling out of the deep shelter-midst of
edge, however thinly wall holds it welcome. The wall to be turned at, not
penetrated: the other of vertical attention.

Why do trees stop at wall, wall of what they are streaming full of when they
run up to? They are its tributary - does this give them the obstacle-
reversion of a global floodplain skimming over its infinite nearness to
expulsion? The new intimacy they tip upright at this blind precipitation of

Or green foliage needles into wall latter, an elongation behind severed
canopy sharp-speared enough for call.

A matrix of wall not reinforced by tree approach but simplified with the
resurfaces of shade not crossing. Any apparent seepage inflects quite
woodenly the verticals of it this side on. Only the call is another aside of
wall by analogy.

So, reduced to their bare resistance, trees can't go naked up to an extremity:
exactly what nurture is, foliage, intercepted shade before, indicates the
increscence of wall.

Average local matter foliates, slices lengthways: prior to wall its shadings
weren't fully a reach switched on. Approaches contusion in good respite of
full foliage extinguished to shade for cutting edge.

Wall is low but opaquely so, even thinner fit will stand with the upright
extreme outpost gazing from trees, but along the grain of a vocal crouch
inside the showing of shadow.

Shades stand for the event called into the vents of light, this side of a pitch
of vocables of prevention on behalf of.

Such life-stages of a margin as aren't internal but under boughs making out
its only deposit. Trees are not damaged but revised by the contra-flow of
debris: irradiance coning the shade turns about until its glow is rewired off
pointed wall. Can a rim be proofed by trees just one consistency before
desert, before it leaps cover and unroofs a stemlike sky?

Trees a shawl but only at the blind point that any ending-resistance would
end in addition (approach): earth is pledged by incoming, robbed of its
blankness of order where trees have badged their shade to invisible

Arborial behaviour crossing its range is wall-sought, filling the shadow-
henge spotted linear under trees in flight. That trees creep to keeping it wall
can be sheltered as the undissipated compression it is.

Under this peremptory shading a wall deliver a forest shore, fans out at the
non-crossing what is to be exactly tapered to the surfing of call.

Heaving unshut against transit, to stay stripped by nothing other than a wall
itself very needily shaded.