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ANNOUNCEMENT: IMDb Top 250 Data Contributors for 2016

Included below is our end-of-year message to IMDb's top 250 data contributors for 2016. The actual list is posted as a reply to this post due to limitations on message length.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to IMDb -- every data contribution helps. If anyone outside of the top 250 would like to know their 2016 (only) live item total and position in the complete list, please post a reply here and, for a limited time, we will try to let you know as long as you have submitted more than 200 live items.

Happy New Year 2017 from IMDb!


Introduction and Thanks

Welcome to the 22nd edition of our end-of-year message to IMDb's top data contributors. I am IMDb’s Founder & CEO and it is a real privilege to co-write this letter each year. In the process of writing it, I enjoy the opportunity to remind myself of what IMDb has been able to achieve across the year, all thanks to your help. The most important thing is to thank everyone who has contributed data to IMDb in 2016, and therefore has built upon the contributions of previous years from 1990 onwards. We could not do it without you and every data contribution is important.

We recently updated our promotional video which also serves as a great reminder of how IMDb is used by over 250 million customers worldwide each month and also how IMDb is used within the entertainment industry. Please take a few minutes to watch the video at and, if you are interested in more background, please visit our press room at

This message is first being sent to the 250 most prolific contributors in 2016. It will also be shared widely such that everyone can appreciate your efforts, including being placed alongside previous letters in the Contributor Zone at

Across 2016 we have continued to build new services on the IMDb website and on the IMDb mobile apps, as well to place more IMDb content on other devices and services. In particular within the viewing experience on Amazon Video, where we help people discover great movies and shows to watch and to learn more about them before, after and during their viewing (on the latter, see You will also see IMDb ratings on more services, including on several airline in-flight entertainment systems.

If you have contributed any data in 2016, our gratitude applies equally to you. Thank you.

The Numbers

The table at the end of this message shows the number of approved, non-duplicate data items (including deletions / corrections) which you have contributed in 2016 and your position within the top 250 contributors. This has been a strong year for contributions and one in which we saw a record number of people contribute to IMDb, with contributions from over 450,000 different people in 2016 alone. We are especially proud of the new image upload system, which has increased the image coverage on IMDb beyond all our expectations. Even though contribution volumes have increased, we have made significant reductions in the time between submission and publication.

The headlines from the 2016 numbers are:

* IMDb covers over 4 million titles with over 475,000 added in 2016

* IMDb covers over 7.5 million names with over 700,000 added in 2016

* IMDb includes over 81 million filmography credits with nearly 10 million added in 2016

More statistics are available at

The database gets more complete each year, so in theory there ought to be fewer holes in the coverage to fill, which makes these growth numbers even more remarkable. For the first time, the minimum number of items required to be in the top 250 contributors exceeded 10,000. This is an exciting time for fans of film and TV as the opportunities to create and watch more content expand.

On a personal numbers note, IMDb began for me well before our public launch on the pre-web Internet in 1990 when, as a teenager in the early 1980s, I started to record details of the movies which I saw in a database which I had built myself. As a result, I have been able to count every full-length movie which I have seen since January 1980 in my IMDb ratings history. 2016 became a landmark year for my film viewing as I saw my 10,000th unique film, which was A Monster Calls (2016) featuring IMDb STARmeter award winner Felicity Jones as announced via


... From a contributor perspective by Thomas Porter ...

When we're not arguing about where Rogue One (2016) fits into the correct Star Wars viewing order, the IMDb content team spent much of 2016 building on the foundations laid in previous years to improve the contribution experience. Following last year's image tagging launch we've built a pipeline for contributors to upload images to titles; continued to expand the mobile submission interface (and made an important change to the old desktop one); and driven significant improvements to service levels.

First up one of our proudest moments of the year has been the launch and adoption of title image upload. We've been overwhelmed with the quantity and quality of your image submissions of posters, stills and artwork. Thanks to you IMDb is an even more content-rich and good-looking destination. A big shout out to those contributors involved in the Beta and those that continue to delight us with awesome images every day.

In last year's letter we raised a glass to halving the longest wait for a vetting decision from 14 to 7 days. This year we've expanded our team of Data Editors to handle 90% of data contributions and 95% of content-related customer service contacts within 24 hours of the point of submission, including on weekends. We've always worked around the clock but handling helpdesk messages within 24hrs 7-days-per-week should be noticeable to those of you who use our report forms, for example, to request primary image changes, event creation or company edits.

Staffing changes are not the only recipient of 2016's toast. A large portion of our data processing improvement is thanks to technological investment, including the decoupling of data attached to new titles, names and companies. Now, once a new title is approved all the filmography and title-related data submitted with that title is released for processing straight away. You should see it go live on the site much quicker. This kind of behind-the-scenes development is like stealing the design plans for the Death Star. Work like this makes it much easier to fix and build new contributor-facing features moving forward. Some of this work enabled us to launch a new filmography section for location managers.

As for improving existing contributor tools we recently rolled out Name Suggestion Search. Now, as you begin entering a name in the filmography form we provide suggestions based on what you've typed and the context of the submission. We're trying to reduce the number of steps needed to contribute data and increase the accuracy of submissions. To read more about this feature and to help make it even better, visit our Get Satisfaction community forum:

In fact Get Satisfaction is the best place to keep abreast of all our launches and updates:[settings][type]=update

Your feedback here directly helps to improve our contributor tools and shape our development roadmap so please keep it coming. Over the past year if you've helped out a fellow contributor, participated in a Beta, submitted an idea or debated a data policy, thank you (especially our champs, you guys rock: Even if you haven't because you're too busy contributing cool data to get involved, thank you too. IMDb wouldn't exist without you.

From everyone in the Content team, thanks again and Happy New Year! Here's to 2017.

Thomas Porter
Manager - IMDb Database Content

... From a customer perspective by Col Needham ...

Outside of improving the contribution experience, our big themes in 2016 have been to continue to build and improve upon the features and services which sit on top of the unique database content, and to expand internationally. Our aim is to be the first thought for all your entertainment information needs, whether you are a deep fan, a casual consumer, or an entertainment industry professional.

Rather than the traditional month-by-month look, we are going to group the progress by theme. First, there is now a set of regular events which form the backbone of our editorial calendar. This year we have grown our editorial team and added new events and new types of content. Our awards season coverage is located under and, new for 2016, is a dedicated film festival section under to conveniently group our year round festival coverage in collaboration with our Withoutabox festival submissions team.

Thank you also to our active poll community who help to engage IMDb users with fun questions on our home pages and on throughout the year. By genre we added a horror section at and, in terms of viewing opportunities, an Amazon Originals section at and Holiday Streaming at along with sections for coverage of specific titles or franchises, including The editorial year always ends with our annual Best Of section at which reviews the year using IMDb data. You can always keep track of other timely editorial content via the IMDb Picks section at

The IMDb STARmeter award is now presented twice per year and the 2016 recipients were Bryce Dallas Howard and Felicity Jones. The award is based upon actual traffic to IMDb so every page you visit effectively forms part of the vote. Bryce received her award at Sundance in recognition of her #1 position in the 2015 breakout star listing in our annual STARmeter list, see Felicity received her award at Toronto in anticipation of the stellar fourth quarter which saw her appear in three movies and hit #1 in STARmeter on several weeks, including the final chart of 2016 this week, see The 2015 recipient at Toronto, Brie Larson, went on to win the Best Actress Oscar for her performance in Room (2015).

Building upon the success of video last year, we first expanded our Sundance Studio at We updated the design of title pages on the website to more prominently feature trailers and other videos. At the Oscars we were able to broadcast video interviews live from the arrivals red carpet for the first time. At Comic-Con we partnered with filmmaker Kevin Smith on a set of fun and informative video interviews and broadcasts from the event, see At The Emmy Awards we broadcast a live show from backstage and we were the first media outlet to be granted filming access to the after-party, see; an Emmy video highlight for us was the Game of Thrones team discussing IMDb ratings at We are also pleased to host web-series on IMDb such as No Small Parts at

You can see the regular improvements in our mobile apps via the release notes. We have also taken a number of steps to make features consistent between the desktop site, the mobile site and the mobile apps: we will continue working upon this in 2017. The sign-in process is now the same. The watchlist feature has been rebuilt for mobile and desktop web. The suggestion search, which anticipates the search results as you type, has been greatly expanded to include almost all names and titles rather than just a popular subset and is available everywhere. We rebuilt advanced title search so that it is faster and the results are more timely as it updates continuously, rather than on a once per day build cycle.

Internationally we were pleased to launch the IMDb India Spotlight earlier this month at which serves as our home for all things related to entertainment in India, including a set of top rated charts at and live trending data at along with quizzes at We also added a Top Rated English Language Movies chart at

Our professional services team, which includes IMDbPro and Withoutabox, continued to make progress on behalf of our customers in the entertainment industry. On IMDbPro we now enable professionals to control their Known For titles and their primary profession in search results, see For filmmakers submitting to festivals via Withoutabox, we launched a new submissions interface as announced at and, for festivals receiving those films, we launched an Amazon FireTV app which allows festival programmers to better view them.

We are pleased with the overall progress in 2016 and we already have an exciting 2017 planned also with improvements to the depth and range of editorial content on IMDb, along with making more content and features available across more of the different IMDb platforms and social network feeds as appropriate. If you would like to join our team or have friends or contacts with the very particular set of special skills that we are seeking, please keep an eye on our jobs page where we are regularly recruiting in Bristol or London in the UK and Seattle, Santa Monica or New York City in the US:

Thanks and Feedback

In recognition of your contributions, as usual, we are offering everyone in the top 250 free access to IMDbPro for all of 2017. We will send a separate message with details and an access code within the next few days.

Thanks again for all your support during the year. As always, ideas and constructive feedback are welcome. Please join us in the Contributors' Help message board for policy discussions:

or contact us via Get Satisfaction:

Thanks and we wish you a Happy New Year!

Col Needham
IMDb Founder and CEO
on behalf of the whole IMDb Team

The actual list is posted as a reply to this post due to limitations on message length.


The actual list is posted as a reply to this post due to limitations on message length.
Rank Live Name (registered username)
---- ------ --------------------------
1 567381 inespape-1 (inespape-1)
2 513093 Dale V (dale79)
3 448577 cinelamour (cinelamour)
4 390992 Skip Eastport (SkipEastport)
5 211351 Joe Wawrzyniak (Woodyanders)
6 183194 Christian Bonamusa (pegg1976)
7 179109 Bradley Kent (bradleykent1)
8 171804 Leslie Howard Adams (horn-5)
9 165273 Darwin Cloones (TheGameHasChanged)
10 153487 kkmmss (kkmmss)
11 137058 charnetha2 (charnetha2)
12 134380 Kelly Werre (sarge-19)
13 127163 joeddelozier (joeddelozier)
14 118108 michaelfool (michaelfool)
15 117826 elouie2000 (elouie2000)
16 110490 Ian Lueck (ianlueck)
17 108879 John Doe (unknown1000)
18 105315 Vasco Pires (vascomspires)
19 102492 Dibyayan Chakravorty (Dibyayan_Chakravorty)
20 101310 mmont (mnmont)
21 96596 Stuart Hample (Invisible2015)
22 92543 Kurt Wallsten (Kurre)
23 92436 Bert Dijkhoff (Holojarg)
24 89930 yellowmagicorchestra (yellowmagicorchestra)
25 80196 Brian Wilson (trotter1954)
26 75562 Jack Tillmany (tillmany)
27 70279 Leciaguezahar Christian (leciaguezahar.christian)
28 70001 Patrik Pruditsh (prudi-272-737983)
29 69534 Tomi Haapanen (hatoju)
30 69308 Paul Cop (marcial84)
31 68427 Dunlop 65 (Dunlop65)
32 63400 Serguei Oukladov (yook)
33 61850 Eric Greene (EricGreene (@imdb))
34 58785 fredcdobbs5 (fredcdobbs5)
35 58770 ind3 (ind3)
36 57871 bela gal (gal bela)
37 57286 Gene Chin (Huggo)
38 57031 A B (Alfabeta)
39 56334 Larry Cohn (lor_)
40 56089 Lara Cain (lara_c-1)
41 53362 Mark Wood (Mark_a_Wood)
42 49624 Valkyrslayer (Valkyrslayer)
43 47990 Chip (Chip_douglas)
44 47545 xylit333 (xylit333)
45 45108 John Embury (jem-33)
46 43461 FangsNL (FangsNL)
47 43454 urbanemovies (urbanemovies)
48 43052 Felix Saenz (fsaenz0125)
49 42726 Jean Morel (Happy_Evil_Dude)
50 42452 Brian Campos (bcampos862)
51 41843 PAUL PARISOT (paulparisot)
52 41751 Robert W. Anderson (Bronco46)
53 41109 O. K. (altobelli5)
54 41035 Mike Hafezi (TVBuff90)
55 38844 Pavel Pivovarchik (Martyr)
56 38419 Gary Krause (scgary66)
57 38030 Jordan Means (jmeans-25021)
58 37325 Pictoris (Pictoris)
59 36571 Adam Zeitz (hershiser2)
60 35979 T.J. Lindner (Tom-413)
61 35435 Derek Hazell (vande)
62 35060 Hurdy_Gurdy_Man (Hurdy_Gurdy_Man)
63 34721 brin (snail3)
64 34661 Cornelius R. (E-Kartoffel)
65 34646 Login to (LoginTo)
66 34319 Ben Hallums (Benhallums1)
67 34119 Leslie Tunick (leslie0318-176-813749)
68 33821 phendragon2000 (phendragon2000)
69 33622 deickemeyer (deickemeyer)
70 33319 Dante Orellana (pampeano2882)
71 32979 Tim Williams (Muvienutt)
72 32422 David Bassler (dbassler1304)
73 32389 Jochen Bauer (jb71a)
74 32222 edward hewitt (edwardhewitt65)
75 32040 Gary M. James (GMJames)
76 31873 Paul Rosso (eagle_39)
77 31718 Carl Hitchcock (carllh)
78 31549 nval-1 (nval-1)
79 31121 lapantera (lapantera)
80 31071 Simba63 (Simba63)
81 30823 Steve Nice (RioNice)
82 30674 madmonkmcghee (madmonkmcghee)
83 30325 Lukas Gensel (l-gensel)
84 29706 Guillaume Viel (vielguillaume)
85 29201 David Diaz (Bonnascope)
86 28915 Invi Sec (invisec)
87 28726 Gregor Overzier (Akasava)
88 28675 Tony Martin (GBrazier)
89 28660 George Kaparounakis (capamaroux-1)
90 28539 Tate MacPherson (t-macpherson123)
91 28329 martinu-2 (martinu-2)
92 27855 Phillip Arnold (tazjjh)
93 27600 Vuk DraA3/4iA++ (siratlas1968)
94 27472 stasa227 (stasa227)
95 27338 Dekkappai (Dekkappai)
96 27095 Neil Roberts (neilr64)
97 27025 Bulma PunkRocker (BulmaPunkRocker)
98 26739 Jordan Welch (mcwelch7)
99 26594 Chris Schairer (SchaiDog)
100 26333 francisco ogalde (Sekho)
101 26144 Gregory Alexandre (Greg75)
102 26106 Kristy Marshall (brainybrailler)
103 26000 smcgann14 (smcgann14)
104 25365 Bogong (Bogong)
105 25219 Ricardo Godinho (richboy_is_dead)
106 24791 Jason Nadle (jason-nadle)
107 24634 Kenny Woo (kenichiku)
108 24029 Steve Smith (Stevarooni)
109 23782 Luis Javier Doncel Vecino (ljdoncel)
110 23764 goulartmedia (goulartmedia)
111 23635 Randall Robinson (aeromedia-1)
112 23452 sheilaforever (sheilaforever)
113 23339 waleed elkady (manameno_22)
114 23172 JMGuer (JMGuer)
115 23127 screamtwo25 (screamtwo25)
116 23021 Marco van Hoof (k_luifje)
117 23015 statmanjeff (statmanjeff)
118 22985 Donald Minifie (minifie-1)
119 22599 Jonathan Green (nyangorilla70258)
120 22511 SlapCapFever (SlapCapFever)
121 22499 Kobie Gantt (akira625)
122 22075 Jan G. (jan_nihilation)
123 21718 Wakim Mahbubul Hoq (mmh-wakim32)
124 21676 Heinrich-Pflueger (Heinrich-Pflueger)
125 21564 Martin Rutegard (marre_rut)
126 21513 Emiliano Larre (emito)
127 21289 Marhleet_DR (Marhleet_DR)
128 21089 N J (N_j13)
129 21072 Syl (Syl)
130 20915 Noirdame79 (Noirdame79)
131 20887 Sampsa86 (Sampsa86)
132 20850 Lance McPhee (Godslaye)
133 20625 davefoss (davefoss)
134 20606 Emanuel Jackson (Cyborg89)
135 20415 Zarbon (Zabon)
136 20321 Ron Higgins (Ron)
137 20265 dj-dom (dj-dom)
138 20098 Gemma Bowden (xfactor-77460)
139 19678 Anoop Varghese (anoopj226)
140 19480 Mario Remon (mayi62)
141 19376 Koenraad G.F. VISSERS (k-vissers)
142 19255 Steven Folger (SuperSteve1)
143 19252 Rafael Prata (Artemis-9)
144 19201 RSaVLSG (RSaVLSG)
145 19031 aiwakaiy (aiwakaiy)
146 18985 npmrsi (npmrsi)
147 18939 Largo Don Wen (LargoDonWen)
148 18435 Charlie Barnes (charliebarnes868)
149 18261 Sebastian Engstrom (Basse3)
150 18225 John Johnson (naples-884-346409)
151 18026 Lari Huhtala (sininenpiste)
152 18023 Ilija Zmikic (ilijazmikic)
153 17952 Gregg Blake (gblake1115)
154 17884 crazydave90 (crazydave90)
155 17819 Max Mogavero (max-wellsmart92)
156 17683 Joao Pedro Borges (pedroborges-90881)
157 17559 Christopher (christopher_007)
158 17533 Allister Coots (tfssmbpl-imdb)
159 17422 MUBI (mubi-262-564821)
160 17352 Mattias Thuresson (Mattias)
161 17351 Eric Tuscanes (Eric_Fantastic)
162 17311 Mikael Bryzell (mikael-bryzell)
163 17182 Olga Zhuravel (Velaska_official)
164 17171 Sheldon Warnock (swarnock)
165 17078 dwildt (dwildt)
166 17066 eric dusseault (frnkfrancois-919-478289)
167 17047 Nikolay Yeriomin (nikolayyeriomin)
168 16999 Sean Olson (solson7)
169 16937 CPPB-Int (CPPB-Int)
170 16922 Sai Arun Muthusamy (q_leo_rahman)
171 16755 Christian (dreamian)
172 16668 RedSkullOne (RedSkullOne)
173 16627 Jordi Reinders (jordireinders97)
174 16609 Dmitry Kantorov (DmitryKantorov)
175 16410 shatterdaymorn (shatterdaymorn)
176 16386 guy Bellinger (guy-bellinger)
177 16334 cecil1720 (cecil1720)
178 16330 Andrew Morris (Moz79)
179 16206 Sarah Markel (saebaby86)
180 16025 Maddie Merritt (marume1412)
181 15810 Kari Hakkinen (Kari Hakkinen)
182 15773 hotjamieskinner (hotjamieskinner)
183 15753 Guilherme Levy (guilhermeomena)
184 15732 Jason Kreitzer (JasonIK75)
185 15537 steven arnold (St-Ar)
186 15465 David Stephens (david-47)
187 15465 Conor Coyle (ccoyle36)
188 15416 Adrian Jones (Blaine1942)
189 15322 Ataul Karim Khan (kappa88)
190 15316 Piotr Leoniak (kinoholik)
191 15273 LegalizeRanch (LegalizeRanch)
192 15247 mildperil (mildperil)
193 15197 tealger-1 (tealger-1)
194 15154 Hana Krivankova (hanikrivi-29180)
195 15003 mp-content-de (mp-content-de)
196 14929 Daniele (vitale-daniele)
197 14880 dharmiroger (dharmiroger)
198 14782 Sasu Tormala (Sasu)
199 14648 Lorenzo Paulino (lorenzopaulino)
200 14646 lodleonine (lodleonine)
201 14607 Dan The Man (DanTheManBollywood)
202 14528 benrolls (benrolls)
203 14383 J. Saastamoinen (MrIQ)
204 14053 rreett66 (rreett-tweetorc)
205 14051 skok (skok)
206 13916 Alex Warheit (TiredAlex)
207 13843 Larry B. (mep1019)
208 13780 Neil Hiatt (mr_different1)
209 13678 Adrian Gonzalez Vina (prinsmars_91)
210 13574 Gus Fallon (GusF)
211 13454 Jack Lamas (ExplorerDS6789)
212 13407 Pierre Leewes (PierreLeewes-2)
213 13328 atesimyuksek (atesimyuksek)
214 13166 rederiet (rederiet)
215 13165 Ian Cuadro (iancuadro66)
216 13117 Thierri Vanholm (thierri.vanholm)
217 12878 GlosBio (GlosBio)
218 12674 nickromm (nickromm)
219 12616 Roundhammer (Roundhammer)
220 12615 Jutlander (Jutlander)
221 12554 Youcanmakeabettermovie (Youcanmakeabettermovie)
222 12444 modin (modin)
223 12432 Ming Siu Goh (minxiu)
224 12407 Fusayoshi Umezono (Umezon)
225 12194 Yossi Tissona (yossi-tissona)
226 12161 vhavnal (vhavnal)
227 12064 David Glagovsky (Moodri)
228 12032 Daniel Thureskog (Creedswede)
229 11986 Elwood_Blues (Elwood_Blues)
230 11978 Marcus Cunningham (marcus-cunn)
231 11843 selmovero (selmovero)
232 11782 Connor Chadwick (connor_chadwick-16)
233 11778 kalani lee (kaldancer)
234 11759 Marouane el Bobsssi (sir-mauri)
235 11746 Vincent Lefevre (vinc17)
236 11735 T T (QueenOfSea)
237 11704 bryan-rosebr-rose99 (bryan-rosebr-rose99)
238 11688 projectobjectvault (projectobjectvault)
239 11679 mc mc (McBE92)
240 11635 GURKAN KILICASLAN (gurkankilicaslan)
241 11589 failedmagician (failedmagician)
242 11543 Desmond Pfeiffer (VinnieRattolle)
243 11487 Felix Redondo Casado (felixredondocasado)
244 11467 jacksonbadger (jacksonbadger)
245 11431 ExpFil (ExpFil)
246 11413 MissMaryMagdalene (MissMaryMagdalene)
247 11122 pawrutko (pawrutko)
248 11086 monterrosajovanny (monterrosajovanny)
249 11084 kevin olzak (chongajuly)
250 11015 Rogers Cadenhead (rcade-1)
Col Needham
IMDb Founder and CEO


Dear Col Sir,

Thank you and wish you a happy new year.

Is the above contribution data number appropriate? It shows -

19 102492 Dibyayan Chakravorty (Dibyayan_Chakravorty)

In 2015, I submitted a total of 120678 data ( rank #7. Currently, I am having a Lifetime Total 300,000+ badge. Which means, in 2016 I have submitted at least 180,000 data.

I think there is something error in the data count.

Anyway, thank you.



I think there is something error in the data count.This is just a difference in the way things are counted between two systems and is nothing to worry about. The end-of-year summary is based upon the number of live items tagged to your account from 2016 (along with "live" corrections/deletes).

The badge system counts data as it passes into our system for processing, and as such, it over counts things which essentially become the same single data item once they finally are approved in the database. This difference is likely to be the largest if you contribute images and image tags.




I've only contributed image and images tags for two years(which doesn't come into play until 2014), and I have no idea of what decreases, increases or gets morphed when, but I ask again...neither list makes Math 101 sense...Top Contributor or Badges.

Top Contributor 16 years by year 2001-2015:
84789 - 66557 - 27526- 23337 - 31574 - 23807 - 117847 - 103604 - 15908 - 39478 - 23256 - 20482 - 22260 - 22216 - 50258-TOTAL -[643,933]plus 171,804(for 2016) equals: [815,833]

So, if that is all inclusive for everything(?), let's look at the Badge breakout.

Lifetime Total- 500,000+ (what year did I die and nobody told me?)

Name 250+ (if that means adding a name that wasn't in the database, that number should be well over a thousand(just in the early years) and if it includes name-tagging an image-face that had never been tagged it would be even higher)

Filmo - 75,000
Plot-5000 (it's over 6500)
Bio - 50
Trivia - 2500
Title 1000- If that means adding a title that wasn't on site, it's short but close)
Image - 200,000+ (this one seems to get adjusted every 50,000)
Poll - 500-(that's having fun and not hard-data contributing-I won't even add it to the other totals)

Add these together: 780,050

The badge total appears to be lagging behind but it also appears to be entered by a set number, for each item, which increases when the next hurdle number is met for that item.

Badge-stuff aside, are you saying that the Top Contributor E-O-Y numbers you post each year may or may not be correct, pending further processing?
And, if they are correct, how come my number is 500,000+ instead of 815,833?

A belated Happy New Year.



Happy New Year Les!

There are several things in play here.Top Contributor 16 years by year 2001-2015:In addition to tweaks across the years, remember that we made a major change to the counting methodology in 2007, see so it does not make sense to add any numbers 1995-2006 to any of those from after 2007.

Next, when badges were launched, for "Lifetime" totals, we could only count surviving data tagged to your account, so it was not possible to count deletions, corrections or even things you added which other people subsequently edited from previous years.

Finally, as I mentioned in the earlier post on this thread, there's a counting difference between the way the EOY data is counted vs. how submissions are counted on arrival by the badge system. Neither is incorrect. They are just different numbers.

The end data in IMDb is often the product of multiple people's updates so a one-to-one correspondence is rarely possible. For example, contributor A may add a simple name/title credit to IMDb; contributor B could later add a character name; contributor C could later add an order number. This is only one record in the database, yet three people could easily have contributed to the final item. Someone else may come along later and add an (uncredited) attribute to complicate counting even further. For some of the other data sections, the complexities of counting are even worse.

Are you saying that the Top Contributor E-O-Y numbers you post each year may or may not be correct, pending further processing?No, what would make you think that?




my understanding of the change is the one made when you/the site discovered you had two or three contributors who found a loophole in the submissions format, and they were submitting the same info multiple times.

In short, they were spamming the site and landing atop the Top Contributors list for a period of about three years...before you/the site put a stop to it. No other contributors (during that period) were doing that (for dang sure not me among the multi-honest contributors) and, my understanding was the change did not affect the honest contributor's numbers. In short, you/the site plugged the hole those few people were using to submit (within minutes) the same data multiple times.

So, those of us that had honest numbers got our 1999-2007 line-credits trash-canned also.

What made me think what I asked was the line you wrote regarding....further processing.

Bottom line for me: I did not become a contributor to this site in order to acquire badges nor in order to make any Top Contributor lists. I did so because I believe any movie database (tv-included)should be accurate, and the site I first visited,in 1999, was over-run with inaccurate data. I also knew that this site (I said it then and I'll say it again---the best single (movie) database on the internet)would eventually become 'the only place to go for film data for perusal, settling bets or historical research)...and it has.

I'll continue to contribute to the (objective and measurable) hard-data and adding photos (which I have in my own database and do not swipe/copy from the internet) and name-tagging photos that have no name-tags or have incorrect name-tags or title-placement tags.

I'll continue because my only goal in contributing to this site is, was and will continue to make this the most-accurate database possible.

But, since you do keep score of who did what and when, I do feel that a lot of what I have done, disregard the numbers, got trash-canned and wasted my time.

But looking forward to many more years of...helping the IMDb enhance and improve its data and title and one photo at a time. And hope the playing field is level.




So, those of us that had honest numbers got our 1999-2007 line-credits trash-canned also.You did not get anything trash-canned ... all I said was that numbers prior to 2007 cannot be added to numbers after 2007 to derive the numbers used for lifetime totals in badges.

It is like trying to add apples, oranges and bananas and then count the number of cherries 




The posted numbers those years aren't the same as they were...for lifetime total apples in badges because they included apples, oranges and bananas and possibly, a cherry or two.

So, after tossing the wayward oranges and bananas, what are my apple numbers now being used for each of the years prior to 2007?

Maybe I can figure it apples numbers for 2007-2015 are roughly (adding them in my head)410,000, so I must have had about 90,000 pre-2007 (survival) apples added to the 2007-2015 apples that got me to the 500,000+ lifetime apples total.

Boy, that's a relief...I was afraid I was going to have to return those 2001-2006 Top Contributor badges.

I hope my 171,804 numbers for 2017 don't have any oranges or bananas messing up my 2017 basket.

Thanks for the explanation. I can see clearly now.

Ride tall, partner.