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What are your film score blasphemies?

What are some of your own personal film score blasphemies? By that I mean - an opinion about film scores in general, particular, or their composers that most people would simply find offensive, incorrect, way-out-there, or blasphemous?

I would love to hear other people's unpopular opinions, and yes, we can all argue and discuss every one of ours and each other`s...but hey, let`s keep it civil. Lord knows, none of us are always right about everything!

Here are a couple of mine...

- I think Changing Lanes is David Arnold`s best score.

- I believe War Horse is a waaaaay better score than Adventures of TinTin.

- I honestly think that out of the scores nominated, Gustavo Santaolalla deserved his Oscar for Brokeback Mountain (although Babel is another matter entirely :D)

- I personally don`t think that Alexandre Desplat has written a truly great score yet.

- I feel that Clint Mansell is one of the best composers working today.

- I really, actually love the Nolan Batman scores by Zimmer and JNH (although I wish they would shut up about how, ahem, innovative and original they are).

- I think Klaus Badelt has the potential to be one of the greatest composers ever....listen to Time Machine, K-19 and The Promise, and tell me that this guy can`t be amazing!

- I don`t believe I`ve listened to any John Ottman, Carter Burwell, or Brad Fiedel score that was really awesome.

That`s enough from me :D Let`s hear yours!


Oh, giver! I'd love to hear some of your "blasphemies". Perhaps something about LOTR...? :D


Okay, here we go!

- Goldeneye is a great score that fits the film perfectly

- Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross deserved their Oscar

- Jerry Goldsmith is a better composer than John Williams

- Elliot Goldenthal wrote the best theme for Batman

- BT should score more films

- James Horner's Troy score is better than Yared's (which is also really good btw)

- John Murphy is one best composer working today

- Brian Tyler is the best composer of his generation

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Michael Giacchino is highly overrated

Ottman's "X2" didn't do it for you? that's blasphemy....oh wait

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Heck is where you go to if you don't believe in Gosh


We had a thread like this at MovieMusicUK: &thread=1564&page=1

Since nobody really posts there anymore except for the PR girl making one PR post after another until page after back page is nothing but PR, it's gone by the way side.

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I think Hans Zimmer's later scores are pretty good, but his earlier work is horrible, just horrible. I like Point of No Return, but the score was.... atrocious.

I think Nancy Wilson's score for Vanilla Sky is perhaps in the top 25 scores ever made.

The GoldenEye score was pretty good. It's very underrated; I love Eric Serra.

Dave Grusin's score for Sydney Pollack's The Yakuza is one of the finest pieces ever written for the screen. Top 10 scores ever.

John Williams best score in my opinion is for Sydney Pollack's version of "Sabrina."

The scores for "The Spy Who Loved Me" and "For Your Eyes Only" are perhaps the most unimaginative scores ever for a Bond film.

The score for "The Living Day Lights" is among John Barry's best.

Though the score for "Chinatown" is very critically acclaimed, I take it a step further, and say it's perhaps the best film score ever; without a doubt in the top 5.

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- Jerry Goldsmith is a better composer than John WilliamsI like both, but I clearly prefer Goldsmith as well. He and Bernard Herrmann are the dual "gods in my temple"!

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