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My favorites on everything music-related.

Well, not everything. I don't have a favorite singer, band or genre. But I do have these:

1) Favorite albums: Triple tie between HYBRID THEORY, METEORA and AMERICAN IDIOT.

2) Favorite composers and/or lyricists: Multiple tie between Alan Menken, Trey Parker, Marc Shaiman, the Sherman bros., Stephen Sondheim, Diane Warren and Scott Wittman.

3) Favorite film scores: The BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy in 1st place. 2nd place is a multiple tie between THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME*, JURASSIC PARK, LIAR LIAR, THE LION KING*, THE RESCUERS DOWN UNDER, SUPERMAN 1978 and TITANIC.

4) Favorite musical films: HAIRSPRAY in 1st place, SWEENEY TODD in 2nd and SINGIN' IN THE RAIN in 3rd.

5) Favorite film about music: WHIPLASH, which is also my favorite film, period. That's why there are no runner-ups.

Any thoughts on my lists? Are what are your lists?

*Score can refer to original songs as well, but I didn't add those movies based on their songs. Sure, I could've added more musicals, but the background music in those tends to be variations on the songs. The background music in these movies has a different... "sound."