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Avengers: Infinity War is way dope!

So yeah, the newly-released Avengers movie (infinity war) is way dope! I like how they went hanging in the end so that the part two will have more viewers than its recorded audiences for this year. So is that how you market a movie? Anyways, it was heartbreaking though when Vision died in the last part. That scene when Wanda tried to break the stone but Thanos came to undo what she did. Then boom! Thanos got the stone. I remembered my wife who got diagnosed with cancer a year ago, and I had nothing to do but witness her die in the hospital. I should’ve done better, with what Wanda did in the movie. I am just so thankful for my wife, for loving me… But enough with that, I think millions are anticipating for the Avengers’ next movie. Are you with me also?