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Any good Israeli films?

I'm looking for any Israeli film recommendations - specifically war films dealing with the 1967 or the Yom Kippur wars (note: not American films about Israeli subjects, eg: those two films starring Paul Newman and Kirk Douglas).

Much appreciated, thanks.


The Syrian Bride (2004), by Eran Riklis. About a druze woman in Israel who is married to a Syrian man she doesn't know.

Va, Vis et Deviens (2005), by Radu Mihaileanu. About the migration of black Jews from Ethiopia to Israel.

Héctor K.


I completely agree with hkesselm. These are also what I was going to suggest.

Two further movies:

“A Trumpet in the Wadi” by Chaplin, Slava (Israel, 2002)

“Yossi and Jagger” by Fox, Eytan (Israel, 2002)


Apart from the suggestions you aready have and about which I agree,

Knafayim Shvurot (Broken Wings)


The Band's Visit. Excellent low-key film. In fact it's a comedy if you really think about it.
Trivia from imdb page :
The movie was selected to be Israel's Official Submission to the Best Foreign Language Film Category of the 80th Annual Academy Awards (2008), but it was disqualified by AMPAS because more than 50% of film's dialogue was found to be in English, as opposed to Arabic and Hebrew. After an unsuccessful appeal, Israel sent Beaufort (2007) instead.


I'm planning a long post on Israeli films, but in the meantime...

One of the best films dealing with the Six Day War is "Avanti Popolo", by Rafi Bukai, which is told from the perspective of two Egyptian soldiers trying to get back to the Suez Canal after the cease fire, and tag up with an Israeli patrol.

"Late Summer Blues" ("Blues le'hofesh ha'gadol"), by Renen Schorr, takes place during the War of Attrition, in 1970, and deals with a group of high school seniors between graduation and the army. One of my favorite Israeli films.

Amos Gitai's "Kippur" deals with the obvious, and tells his personal experiences from fighting on the Golan.

"Cup Final" ("G'mar Gavia") by Eran Riklis ("The Syrian Bride", "Lemon Tree") tells about two Israeli soldiers (Moshe Ivgi and Sharon Alexander) who are taken prisoner by Fatah fighters during the first Lebanon War in 1982.

All those films are excellent, and mostly give a complex viewing of the conflict.

As I said, I'm planning to post a detailed list of Israeli films from the past decade (most of the above films are from the 1980s and 90s) that I recommend. A preview (without comments): "Walk on Water", "The Syrian Bride", "Campfire", "Or", "The Band's Visit", "Meduzot", "Afula Express", "Broken Wings", "A Time of Favor", and whatever I'll think of. I'm just not sure on what board I should post it, but I'll let you know.


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thanks for sharing ur knowledge.

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As I live in Israel, teach film history, including Israeli film, I am always glad to answer any questions on the subject, or recommend films. Only not between July 10th and August 1st, when I'll be camping out in the mountains of Montenegro and Albania (a usual Summer trip for my wife and me).


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anyways once i saw a movie titled"twist of fate" not so sure about the title.missed the end of film.if u hav seen that movie,pls then tell me the end in brief........i just want to know whether ben's family forgives him.

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