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Movie I watched a decade ago

I have tried numerous times over the last couple years to find a movie I saw on TV a few years back to no avail.

It would have been 2006-2008 when I saw the movie, however I don't know exactly when it came out. I saw it on TV on the local multicultural chanel.

It was an Asian movie, about a guy who is hired to transport a mobsters (or maybe just rich guys) daughter to and from school. At some point he is tasked with taking her somewhere where she will be killed or kidnapped, but at the last second changes his mind and helps her escape. The movie fast forwards a certain amount of time, he seems to have been held prisoner by the people who wanted to kill the girl but, but for some reason is released by them. He then starts trying to find the girl.

He meets a stripper type chick, swimming around in a tank, dressed like a mermaid who looks exactly like the girl he's lookin for, and even has the exact same tattoo in the same spot as the girl he's looking for. She currently has a BF (who i believe is in some way a criminal of some sorts) and has no memory of the main character. After spending a long time trying to jog her memory and convince her that she is who he thinks she is, he gives up.

Eventually he does find the girl he was looking for (I think she was working in a pharmacy or corner store or something). They ride off into the sunset on his bike, only to die in a crash.

The movie cuts back to the girl who the main character THOUGHT was the girl he was looking for, leaving her boyfriend and saying she wanted him to find her like the main character went looking for his girl. This is when you find out the narrator is actually the look alike girls boyfriend, and the movie ends with him basically saying "oh well", accepting that he lost his girl friend, and floating down the river.

I seem to remember the movie quite well, but no matter what I search on Google, I can't seem to find it. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.


I think it's Wasabi (2001).
Saw it long time ago and not so sure.


Thanks, but the movie was completely asian, and not a comedy at all.


Found it:

Hope that was it.


That's what I thought! It definitely has mermaids...