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Why do you think this genre is seen in such a bad way ?

Maybe it's just me but I feel like this genre is sadly seen in a bad light and I feel like it's the underdog in films genres by critics and hard core movie fans.

I feel like it's because is seen as the least complex and the most formulatic of all movie genres, I also think that maybe it's because there is nothing groundbreaking or new under the sun with this genre.

it's funny how Oscar winners with a romance as the main plot is in 7s meanwhile darker dramas have 8s and 10s as a rating the same with blockbusters and YA franchises

Or is just a coincidence?

Oscar winners/ Oscar Nominees
Dark Dramas and Thrillers

The godfather
9.2 IMDB
100 Rotten tomatoes

The silence of the Lambs
8.6 IMDB
94 rotten Tomatoes

Citizen Kane
8,4 IMDB
100 Rotten Tomatoes

Schindler's List
8,9 IMDb
97 Rotten Tomatoes

8,8 IMDB
86 Rotten Tomatoes

Black Swan
8,0 IMDB
87 Rotten Tomatoes


Gone with The Wind
8,2 IMDb
95 Rotten Tomatoes

8,6 IMDB
97 Rotten Tomatoes

7,7 IMDB
86 Rotten Tomatoes

Moulin Rouge
7,7 IMDB
76 Rotten Tomatoes

The English Patient
7,6 IMDB
83 Rotten Tomatoes

Ya Franchises
More action Oriented

Harry Potter

Sorcerer's stone
7,4 IMDB
80 Rotten Tomatoes

Chamber of secrets
7,3 IMDB
82 Rotten Tomatoes

The prisoner of Azkaban
7,8 IMDB
91 Rotten Tomatoes

The goblet of Fire
7,6 IMDB
88 Rotten Tomatoes

The order of Phoenix
7,4 IMDB
7,9 Rotten Tomatoes

Half Blood Prince
7,5 IMDB
84 Rotten Tomatoes

Deathly Hollows part I
7,7 IMDb
78 Rotten Tomatoes

Deathly Hollows part II
96 Rotten Tomatoes

The Hunger Games

Hunger Games
7,3 IMDB
84 Rotten tomatoes

Catching Fire
7,8 IMDB
89 Rotten Tomatoes

Romance Oriented

7,0 IMDB
41 Rotten Tomatoes

The Twilight saga

5,2 IMDB
49 Rotten Tomatoes

New Moon
4,6 IMDB
28 Rotten Tomatoes

4,9 IMDB
49 Rotten Tomatoes

breaking Dawn part 1
4,9 IMDB
24 Rotten Tomatoes

breaking Dawn Part 2
5,6 IMDB
49 Rotten Tomatoes

Swords and Sandals

Action Oriented

8,5 IMDB
76 rotten Tomatoes

7,6 IMDB
60 Rotten Tomatoes

300 Raise of an Empire
6,4 IMDB
49 Rotten Tomatoes

6,4 IMDB
60 Rotten Tomatoes

Romance oriented.

The legend of Hercules
4,2 IMDB
3 Rotten Tomatoes

5,6 IMDB
29 Rotten Tomatoes

I agree with a lot of the Ratings but I'm just pointing out how in every type of films the movies with less Romance are the ones with higher scores


Rotten Tomatoes ?! I only eat tomatoes when they're fresh or newly cooked ! Well it's true , the marks are going to the brash action genre or mixed genre . But I think that reflects on the power of the Interweb and those voices who are outspoken online about movies . Of course I watch action movies , but they generally leave me tired and unsatisfied . So I guess my favorite genre are human interest and romance stories !


there are some great stuff in action but yes generally leave me unsatisfied as well since sometimes i feel like i watched a movie without a plot.
I was entretained the whole time but at the end i just dont remember what it was about.

with your two favorite genres i supouse you are a girl like me because we are the ones that like the most love stories or more human and sentimental stuff.


Strangely No , Sari ! I was brought up in a small town with much friendship and love , and there were no cinemas nearby or televisions then . A long time ago , but because it was a close community , I remembered the warmth and lessons . And it's been long way away from that now .


Great so you are the perfect example that romantic films are fir girls is a stupid stereotype,It's great to know I was wrong.


Well take a look at this movie . This was promoted in the Directors Forum by the director , Michael Ignani . Most of the comments made about it are negative . I like the acting and theme . Let me know your opinion when you can ?


Romances are not logical. Romances don't need to be logical but they need to create a feeling of romance. Very few romances actually show romance so they are boring. They might show what seems like a romantic setting but they don't show romance. They show two people spending time together and then somehow they develop feelings but the movie does not show what happens to cause the feelings. For most romances, the viewer feels romantic if they project romantic desires into the story but very few if any romance stories are capable of creat9ing romantic feelings for people that don't already have the desire. A movie that really shows the feelings would be powerful, unusual and recognizable as something special.

Yet I would not say that men are not romantic. In my opinion, a truly romantic person would understand what is missing from romance stories.

I assume most people won't understand me. That is because they don't see the feelings inside of me, no one ever has. If they could feel what I feel is possible then they would understand that the world needs a lot of it very much.


They win awards way more than, say, action films, thrillers, horror films, sci-fi films, or westerns.


I think it's because the formulaic, well-known ones are seen as the standard of what a romance is.

When I think of a good romantic comedy, I always think of Ever After. It's not just a romantic comedy. It's a complete film. It's a period film that talks about actual historical events. There are elements of action and danger, of adventure, of mystery, etc. The actors all serve a purpose, there's a strong plot that plays out well throughout the film, there's a strong villain, a strong protagonist, a strong cast overall. The main characters are well fleshed out and don't simply exist to be in love with someone.

Sadly, not a lot of rom-coms do portray the same amount of complexity and, those that do, are overshadowed by the crap that has come before and what's coming soon. I think you could probably say this about the action genre, too. Not every action film is a Michael Bay explosion and boobs fest.