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Bad dreams and nightmares in horror movies

I like horror films that have bad dreams and nightmares in them. I thought I would start a thread with some details of films that have these types of sequences. I will describe them one film per post giving the scenario of the dream.


The House of Witchcraft (1989)

A nightmare sequence opens the film. A man is running along a tree-lined track. We sense he is running from someone. He comes across an old house. He enters it and walks along a corridor. He is drawn to an expansive kitchen. Inside he sees a roaring fire. A figure stands there who turns around to face him. He is confronted by a hag with a distorted face baring a mouthful of rotten teeth. She shows him a severed head. He realizes it is his own head. She plunges the head into a cauldron of boiling water that is suspended above the blazing fire.

We see the man awake in a sweat. The scene changes to a consulting room of a female psychiatrist. He is describing the nightmare which is a recurring one. He explains to her the same nightmare began to occur at the time he married his wife. He is concerned because his wife had developed an interest in the occult. This has caused difficulties in their marriage. When the man decides to give their marriage another try his wife drives him to a country house for a holiday. After he enters the house he realizes that his wife has taken him to the house in his nightmares.