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Movies That Invite Paranoid Interpretation

I have an odd request for movie recommendations. I'm looking for genre movies(horror, westerns, film noirs, comedy, satire), that have an abundance of cryptic, mysterious details that are NOT part of the narrative. so NOT like David Lynch, Alain Robbe-Grillet, Raul Ruiz. I'm working on a research project, and I'm hunting for movies I could read in a "paranoid" way- as having a subliminal meaning(whose clues, indications of this meaning, are in reality possibly accidents? Purely stylistic touches?).

The Shining is perhaps the most obvious example, but it's well-charted territory, so I'm not interested in studying it.

I like to think of these movies as genre-wobblers, NOT genre-benders or breakers, but movies where the narrative accords with a genre, but there is an excess of signifying material-sometimes very subtle, sometimes obtrusive.

Here's a list of movies that seem to fit into this criterion to give you some idea of what I'm looking for:
The Leopard Man(1943),Tourneur: (The drawn-out, seemingly irrelevant, suggestively ritualistic scene where a nameless relative of a victim of the "leopard" bestows the woman with a flower, the procession of villagers in hoods perhaps?)
Mr. Arkadin(1955), Welles:(the digressive comic scenes, come to think of it Magnificent Ambersons would probably count too-I just remember that its mood strikes a very discordant note)
The Birds(1963), Hitchcock:(The painted backdrops by ex-Disney animator, Ub Iwerks)
If only Hitchcock's Kaleidoscope had been produced! I suspect it would have been one of these movies
.Marnie(1964), Hitchcock: (, More matte painted backdrops by Iwerks, the tree branch that smashes through Sean Connery's office window during the suspiciously artificial lightning storm)
Death Laid an Egg(1968), Questi: (As I recall there's some sort of cabalistic symbol that has nothing to do with anything)
Bird With the Crystal Plumage(1970), Argento: (Argento's artistic flourishes often have this effect, leading the viewer astray from the plot. beyond the more minute flourishes: the birds in cages, the repetition of the shape of a triangle in the architecture, the many shots emphasizing glass partitions(why this metaphor for screened perception?), dreamlike view of the city during the scene where the protagonist tails Reggie Nalder,)
Four Flies on Grey Velvet(1971), Argento:(the pulsating brain in the title sequence, many red curtains, the decapitation dreams)
Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie(1972), Buñuel: (the dreams within dreams have nothing to do with the satire celebrating the ruling class)
Sisters(1972), De Palma: (The many vignette shots that emphasize the focus of the shot with a circular border(the embryo, the peep-hole the vignette shots in the dream))
Deep Red(1975),Argento:(The recreation of Edward Hopper's "Nighthawks" in the background, the giant puppet, the birds in the steam murder scene).
Does anything come to mind? I understand completely if you're busy, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks a million for your time and attention. Also if there's anyone you think might be interested in this, also please let me know. It would be amazing to hear back from you.


I'm not quite understanding what you mean, but from reading the first paragraph Session 9 springs to mind. The more you watch it the more you see and it's all relevant. Is it ghosts or psychosis.? .... and there's the tapes.

It's my favourite horror 👍