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Best horror flicks from the last five years?

Haven't been on in a while, but I'm looking to hopefully pop on here more often.

I've not seen a lot of newer horror movies, because my preferred era is around the 70's and 80's, but I thought it'd be interesting to talk about some newer horror, both mainstream and obscure, and maybe even learn about some new, potentially interesting, titles.

Having not seen any horror films from 2019 yet, I'll be including releases from 2014 in my list.

Not in any order, but below are some films I found note-worthy.

1) As Above, So Below (2014) - Probably one of the few found footage movies I actively enjoyed, I found this one a fun ride, though I know others had issues with it. I liked what it was going for, though.

2) Almost Mercy (2015) - I have some friends from a horror forum (Fight Evil) that sort of hated this, but I personally found it both unique and, despite it's somewhat dark story, pretty fun, especially the gory conclusion. Definitely not for fans of typical horror, though.

3) Hell House LLC (2015) - Definitely one of the better horror films I've seen from recent times. Sure, there are jump scares, but other scares are a lot more subtle, and you could watch this multiple times and find new things. Honestly, I don't have many complaints about this one. Shame the sequel wasn't near as good.

4) Most Likely to Die (2015) - Admittedly, I'm a giant slasher fan, so this would appeal more to me than a lot of other films, but I thought that this was a fantastic throwback to films like Slaughter High (1986) and Splatter University (1984). There was a lower-budget flick from 2013 called Don't Go to the Reunion, which, despite it's lower-quality, had a lot of heart. This film is definitely a higher-budget production, at least in comparison to Don't Go to the Reunion, but it keeps some brutal kills and, while not a new story, feels like a love-song to slashers of the 1980's. Loved this one.

5) The Unspoken (2015) - I won't say this movie was great (though I personally rather liked it), but I will say that for a supernatural/ghost horror film, it did some really interesting things. The twist probably isn't worth watching the whole film, but I'm also a fan of the star Jodelle Ferland, so while not everything is necessarily action-packed, I enjoyed it well enough.

6) The VVitch: A New-England Folktale (2015) - A lot of times, this feels more like a period-piece drama, heavy in religious content, but I thought it was a rather nice breath of fresh air for the genre. Great tension, solid performances throughout, and a unique film at a time when unique horror films aren't necessarily too common to see.

7) A Cure for Wellness (2016) - This was released to pretty 'meh' response, partially, I'd guess, to it's long run-time, but I really liked the feel to this one. It didn't blow me away, by any means, but it had, at times, a dreamy atmosphere without going too overboard.

8) Hush (2016) - Innovative in that it's a played-out sub-genre (home invasion) but with a deaf victim. The suspense here is fantastic, and a few scenes come as a nice surprise. Gore isn't amazing, but it's certainly not absent (hand-stomp scene).

9) Terrifier (2016) - I know, the story, or lack of one, is pretty noticeable. But the gore here is some of the best I've seen in a while. Plus, even before the movie gets bloody, the clown is just creepy (that diner scene actually sort of freaked me out). If you're a gore-hound especially, this might be worth seeing.

10) The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016) - Some things in this film bothered me a bit, but generally-speaking, I thought that, with such a limited cast, this movie did excellent. Some good tension through, I thought the last-third of the film was more average, but still well-worth the watch.

11) The Void (2016) - I actually don't love this one, but I do really appreciate what it was going for. Quick to action, this movie doesn't waste time, and the effects and H.P. Lovecraft-inspired story were both great. Not a personal favorite, but still a lot of fun.

12) Apostle (2018) - This Netflix original felt a lot like an update on The Wicker Man (though the movie takes place in the early 1900s). It has a great feel for the period, and more so, it's story is a little more involved than one might think. With a run-time of two hours and ten minutes, it never really felt boring to me, and that, combined with some damn good gore, really make me feel this movie is worth it.

13) Kill Game (2018) - This was a very interesting take on the slasher sub-genre, because while it had fantastic gore and a typically fun slasher story, there was also some heavy drama and an epilogue of sorts, which is something I don't generally see. It's also an hour and 42 minutes, so the film certainly doesn't feel like your normal, quickie slasher. Not sure why I love this one and most others find it disappointing (average score on IMDb is a 4/10), but I did. *I saw this in 2017, so I'm not sure why IMDb has it as 2018, but whatever*


Great list.

Loved "As above so below" also.

I would add some titles that I consider, at least deserve a chance:

- The devil's candy (2017)
- Siccin (2014)
- At the devils door (2014)
- A dark song (2016)
- Inner demons (2014)


Out of those, I've only seen The Devil's Candy, and the only reason I didn't add it here was because I ran out of room. A fantastic and tense film.

I'm not familiar with the Siccin series (looks like there are five of them at the moment), and I've not seen much Turkish horror, but it certainly looks interesting.

I've heard of the others, but for both At the Devil's Door and Inner Demons, at least from my immediate horror circle of friends, they seemed lukewarm. That said, if I do happen to check them out, hopefully they'll both be decent, so thanks for the recommendations.


Hell House LLC was one of the creepiest movies I've ever seen. Not just in the last five years, ever lol. Loved it!


It really is a good film. Definitely a contender for best of the decade, and of movies of the found footage style.


Most Of The Horror movies I've seen in the last 5 years are the Mainstream ones, which arent great, But there IMO have been some good ones...

Here are my favorites of the last 5 years(I may have missed some but overall I think this list is pretty close)

The Conjuring 2
Get Out
Lights Out
The Visit
A Quiet Place
Annabelle: Creation
Before I wake
Ouija: Origin of Evil
Cult of Chucky(fun, Not Good, But god help me I enjoyed it)
It Follows

and I also want to Add "The Haunting Of Hill House"...Its a Netflix Series....While its not a movie, I binged watched it so it very much felt like a long movie to me and I must say It BLEW ME away..

I had no knowledge of the series until 2 days before it premiered,The only reason I started it is because I'm a fan of The Director, He's made some good horror movies...

I figured Id give the series a try and It might have some good scares...

But to my shock, I instead became completely invested in The characters and story, was stunned by The Actors, They Cast The Children and Adults so Perfectly..

Overall One of my favorite Individual seasons ever...



Have you seen US yet and if so what did you think?



my dog of 17 years was diagnosed with cancer 9 days ago...

I'm spending all my attention and time with him....

they gave him 2 weeks to a month to live or until I have to put him down...

right now, he's not suffering, Hes just laying around, The cancer is in his spine, and He cant walk.

I'm probably going to go into a another coma of depression for awhile...I'll probably get back to you around the time avengers comes out


Very sorry to hear that, bill.

I hope life starts bringing you better things in the days to come. You've had to endure a lot of pain lately.


The Visit
Before I Wake
and It Follows

are pretty decent movies in my opinion

I really like Oculus from Flanagan, as well


Surprised no one has mentioned Hereditary, but it definitely deserves a spot. I haven't seen The VVitch, but I heard if you like that you should enjoy Hereditary as well. I also really enjoyed the remake of IT. The only thing really redeemable about the original miniseries is Tim Currys performance as Pennywise. Other than that without nostalgia, it's not very good at all in my opinion.


I'll be honest, I didn't love Hereditary. I liked it, but it doesn't reach that "great movie" level I was hoping it would. I can see some similarities between The VVitch and Hereditary, but I enjoyed The VVitch a hell of a lot more.

There's a lot of things I like about the It re-adaptation, and I agree that it's better than the mini-series. As It was one of those movies/mini-series that I grew up on, and helped grow my love of the genre, it's a hard thing to look too critically on. As a giant fan of the original novel, the 1990 screws up and leaves out so much, but overall, I can't help but sort of enjoy it. I agree that the 2017 version is much better, though.


I understand what you mean. I haven't managed to get around to watching The VVitch in its entirety yet, but from what I saw it seemed like not a lot happened to me. Then again I only caught like 20 minutes of it and it was like the end of the movie.


1. Annabelle Creation
2. IT
3. Halloween
4.Insidious The Last Key
5. The Nun
I know you said top five but these were the ones I liked from the past two years


I've actually never seen any of the Insidious movies. Heard great things about the first one, of course, but somewhat lukewarm reactions to the others.

Halloween had a lot to live up to, and I think it did a decent job, but a few things bothered me about it, so I didn't fully love it as much as I hoped I would.


tbh I never saw the first one in theatres. but I went and saw chapter two, two years later in 2013 and fell in love with the series

I saw chapter two and the last key both in theatres. part one and three I saw on tv. hoping they come out with a part five to bring everything full circle


oh man, if you love slasher movies then you've got to watch first and foremost VHS and VHS 2, they are without a doubt the biggest love letters to slasher moves ever made. also watch by one of the VHS guys you're next and a terrible way to die and porkchop.


VHS the anthologies? The second one doesn't even have a slasher segment (unless you wanna count the zombie tape). The first one has a couple, but the hotel room one would barely count (IMO). Really the only true slasher segment of the two movie is the one in the woods, but it was really bad. I'm not sure how they are the biggest love letters to slashers ever?

You're next was a fun watch though!