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This site is great. Thanks for the individual boards.

Thanks for the movie individual boards. I've been using them since the unnamable closed their boards almost a year ago and they still are a great opportunity to read discussions, theories, explanations and details about the horror gems we love. I hope that this site keeps growing in the future.

Some of the movies i've enjoyed the most, so far:

- The devil rides out (1968)
- The sentinel (1977)
- Possession (1981)
- Silver bullet (1985)
- Halloween 4: The return of Michael Myers (1988)
- Shutter (Thailand) (2004)
- Madhouse (2004)
- Noroi The Curse (2005)
- Trick 'r Treat (2007)
- El Orfanato (2007)
- Seventh moon (2008)
- The House of the Devil (2009)
- La casa muda (Uruguay) (2010)
- Livide (2011)
- La casa del fin de los tiempos (2013)
- As above so below (2014)


I agree. MovieChat is the best successor to IMDb. I do like IMDF (another IMDb copycat), but what it's missing are:

a) the original IMDB posts archived (though I did archive as much as I could, before I discovered MovieChat)
b) individual boards

MovieChat is the IMDb boards had they not closed. Just like David Letterman is Johnny Carson's true successor.