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I hate dramas Rant

Melodramas, very slow-paced films/tv shows, soap operas etc. bother me to a large extent. There are way too many of these type out there. Movies are supposed to entertain not wallow in sadness. If you're going to make a drama, at least put funny memorable moments in it. Do not make the movie all about violence, poverty, criminals etc.. I just want something happy and light-hearted, that can entertain, that makes me laugh and makes me smile.

Dramas are overrated.

I can deal with a movie without a bunch of drama in my life. I already had enough drama without watching movies about it.

Movies with great emotion in it could be sappy or annoying. Can't people regulate their emotions and be more driven? Not crying, worrying, angsting a lot over small things. They should just toughen up and hold back those tears themselves. The movie could get boring with characters who are passive.

Though, comedies can get too silly but some comedies have the right amount of silliness. So maybe if they get balanced out with some drama or conflict, it could make the movie good.

Wake up, wake up, wake up, it's the first of the month.


I think it's to stir emotions and make us feel more human