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Identifying Movies

What Is The Name Of The Movie That Has A Part That Shows Someone Either Burping Or Farting At A Swimming Pool?

In The Part That I Am Describing For You,The Man Is Lying Down On His Belly On What Might Be A Very Long Chair & A Girl/Woman Is Either Standing On Him Or Jumping Up & Down On Him & She Jumps Up & Comes Back Down On Him & The Man Let's Out What Might Be A Combination Of A Burp & A Fart.

She Even Brings Up The Term Gymnastics To Him After Doing That.

After That They Show The Girl/Woman Putting Some Sunscreen On Him & Then She Accidentally Gets The Sunscreen Into 1 Of His Eyes & Then He Falls Into The Pool.

The Year That The Movie Was Made In Was Between 1996 & 2004.

Both The Man & The Girl/Woman Are White.

The Genre Of The Movie Is Comedy.



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