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How would you identify an Adam Sandler Film?

I am doing film studies coursework around Adam Sandler and his institution Happy Madison and wanted to know what characteristics people think makes an Adam Sandler film.. an Adam Sandler film?


Slapstick slacker absurdist comedies.

Sandler's comedies are usually silly with absurd gags (usually involving quirky side characters), sex/toilet humor, and broad slapstick (someone getting punched, falling / slamming into things, fights, etc.)

Personally, I enjoy his output. However, I do agree that the recent output is not quite as funny as Adam's earlier work. Sandler needs to take a break, though; he's looking more and more exhausted and drained.

Weird is the new normal.


The main way that I identify them is to see if Adam Sandler is in it. That usually works.

dies ist meine unterschrift


If you see a wealthy community where he lives like a Prince

If the jokes are preteen or sexual

If their are beautiful women who are nasty at first and fall in love with him at first sight

If a villian is unhappy and decides out of the blue to act.

You are watching a Sandler movie.


Stupidity and toilet humor.



I doubt this will help you now, but still all true:

He's almost always a rage-aholic. And this rage is a benefit to him in some way.
There is usually a gorgeous, intelligent, talented woman that eventually falls for him because he wins her over with a sad story - often about his family.
Even when he's rich, the villain is usually someone classed as an uptight 'elite snob' while he is seen as the underdog/average man because he acts like a slob - so snob vs slob.
The story arc always centres around him learning a valuable and yet common sense lesson.
The people who start out hating him turn out to love him. Or they always love him - he often has a huge support team, whereas the villain is seen as unlikable even by those who should like him.
He can do and get away with things no normal person ever could, but this is never brought into question ever.
You'll probably never see him in a classy outfit. He lives for 3/4 shorts and baggy shirts, even if he's playing a bigillionaire.
He's not above fart and pee jokes - the likes of baby teenage humour is his specialty.
The only parts of his films that work are the parts that are serious, and aim for the heart - ones that really make you feel something.