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Feels like the end of the world...

Especially with all the message board interruptions. Like the communications grid is failing because of solar flares or something lol.



It's definitely the end of one of my most loved worlds - a world that kept me sane through some of the most difficult times of my life.

Hi, Big Mouth (et al)!

The only reason I haven't posted for the last year is because I'm in an intense fight to save my home from two different sets of thieves. I'm drawing close to a victory (prayers, please!) and was soooooooooo looking forward to having the time to return here.

But now there's nowhere to return. Sauly sad.

Many of you have my email, and you can give it to other regulars you're in touch with.

My initial plan when I've got free time is to return to Maybe the ending of this board will boost the Screenwriting section there, which has been the least vibrant section.

If people here start gravitating to another site, someone please email me what it is.

I've been missing you guys like crazy. I hope I don't have to miss you forevermore.

With much gratitude,

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