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My Last Writing Submission On This Board

Well, I can't resist posting one more piece of writing before things are shut down. It's not a scene; it's a song.

It's written to the beautifully haunting melody PICARDY (how fitting for a Trekkie!). For those who might recognize the following songs, PICARDY is the melody used in "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence" and "Christians, Let Us Love One Another".


Fifteen hundred years after Christ's death, in a land drenched with human blood,
Juan Diego saw Guadalupe lift her children from Aztec mud,
And the brave new worlds of the Americas crowned a queen whose Son is God.

Every wise, important person mocked Diego's claims day by day -
Till the Virgin shone from his tilma, wiping every sneer away.
For five hundred years, this gentle miracle shows the world where True Power lay.

Changing hearts of foolish and learned, comforting both sinners and saints,
Mary's smile calls drug lords to come home; Mary's eyes cause experts to faint.*
Guadalupe's love points always to her Son - Christ, Who blessed his own mother's pain.

God the Father of our Savior, God the Father of Mary's Son,
God the Son of human mother, God Whose death salvation won,
God the Holy Ghost, Spouse of the most chaste bride, we await Your heavenly kingdom.

*This line is a reference to a Japanese ophthalmologist who was examining the microscopic images in Mary's eyes in the tilma and fainted. When he recovered, he said that she was looking back at him. He became Catholic. :D

Lol, I bet you guys won't miss scrolling past my songs!

In mourning,

Logic is our best defense against The Experts.


Stay in touch Saulisa. You know where I am if you need anything.

It's the end of an era on here.

RIP MUM 31/05/2015.