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The best or your favorite Star Trek uniform

From any TV series or Star Trek film.

Or the worst.

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easy answer: anything not a RED shirt!

I think it pisses God off when you walk by the color purple in a field and don't notice it


I like a of the designs that came later on. It took me a while to warm up to the gray shoulder design. I loathe the ones shown in the future during All Good Things, or Endgame. There's just something about the tops that look terrible to me.

I would prefer they go back to the original color schemes though, told for command, red for engineering/operations, etc.

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My favorites were the DS9 uniforms, the ones that the Next Generation movies also used as their uniforms. The ones that were mostly black, but had the lavender/gray on the shoulders, and the gold, blue, red colors on the undershirt.

I'd say the worst had to be the gray and white uniforms from Star Trek : The Motion picture. Not enough color and too bulky looking. I guess they were going for a more futuristic look, but the lack of color was just wrong. I'm glad they changed the uniforms for the rest of the original series movies, but still wish they had kept some of the original command colors instead of going all burgundy for everyone.

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The WORST is the rebooted TOS movies. Looks like they are wearing pajamas. ST09/Into Darkness/Beyond

Best will always be TOS. Even tho they were the cheapest costumes they were the best. There was actual design. Only problem is that women's panties are visible. And the men's shoes were a Kind hard to dress up like TOS.

TNG/DS9/Voyager/Enterprise....etc....all their costumes were of the time.....I only felt with TOS we were really in the future....maybe the boots for the men were for safety...and short skirts are for women so they can feel sexy ???? But yeah I stand by my choice TOS was the best.


My favorite is the red tunic from the TOS movies. The TNG movie uniforms are second place.

The TMP uniforms were the worst.