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Sitcom reboots: a positive opinion

The common opinion is "Why can't they come up with something more original?" We'll to that, I say:

Pay attention. In the sad, empty years of mindless TV since these great shows ended, that's exactly what they've done. Come up with one new concept after another. And where are they? We'll, they have either tanked and been pulled or they became mid season filler for the new crap they were trying to sell us on. There has been very little on TV since the early 2000's that has been worth wasting our brain cells on. The only programs that lasted have been the tiring "reality" programming (notice the quotation marks) that targets only the viewer with the mentality to comprehend a show where people compete to piss each other off.

Pay attention also to this: the shows that have been given the reboot deals are the shows that, in their original run, were the hottest shows on TV. They were highly rated, long running shows (not pulled after one or two seasons) that the viewers loved. Granted, not everyone loved them, and that's okay, but from a ratings standpoint, the fans were the majority and the shows stuck it out.

I was a fan of Full House,
Will & Grace,
Murphy Brown,
Mad About You, all in their original runs, and I'll continue being a fan. I'm yet to be disappointed by those that have aired so far. These are some great shows.


Do you have examples of reboots that are good?

Most shows before and after 2000 are crap, maybe 10% are entertaining on a level beyond mediocrity and 2-3% are actually artful storytelling.