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there are several episodes of "the twilight zone" that were made into feature films.. there is an episode that i wish would be made into a feature film.. it is "and when the sky was opened", season 1, episode 11, (1959)..

this is an especially horrifying story.. 3 astronauts are launched into earth orbit.. they are out-of-contact with mission control for 1 hour.. they return healthy and in good spirits, save for the lack of communication during the flight.. at the beginning of the episode, one team member (rod taylor) visits another team member (jim hutton) in the hospital.. the visitor gives a horrific story of what just happened to him and the third astronaut.. during a visit to a bar, both astronauts have drinks and recount their flight between themselves, the bartender and other patrons.. suddenly one astronaut has a strange feeling.. he feels driven to call his parents to establish that they know him.. when he contacts them, they claim to not know who he is and never heard of him.. after hanging up the phone, he returns to the bar and tells his friend what happened.. he says he has a feeling as he doesnt belong here, that he wasnt supposed to return from the mission.. the first astronaut is unbelieving of the experience of his friend.. he also makes a call.. when he returns form his call, his friend is gone, and noone in the bar understands about the astronaut claiming that he entered the bar with a friend; they say he walked in alone.. during their drinking, one spilled a glass of beer on the floor.. while people in the bar say the astronaut entered the bar alone, the mess caused by the dropped glass of beer has also disappeared.. not only is the astronaut's friend gone, so is evidence that he entered the bar or ever existed..

this plot continues with the remaining 2 astronauts, where each inexplicably disappears, along with all evidence that each astronaut ever existed.. the story ends with no rationale for what happened or why.. although no reason is offered, i found the episode to be very chilling.. we see events everyday where people and evidence of their existence disappear without clues as to how or why.. this seems to happen more often when criminal activity (murder, embezzlement, kidnapping, etc.) is being investigated, but also happens in companies hiding evidence of their involvement in corporate crime, such as corruption in theft of funds and practices with other companies and govt. contracts..

in the "twilight..." plot, the story ends with no evidence that the 3 men existed, at all.. we are left to wonder at such a force or intelligence that could not only eliminate people, but every detail that a person ever existed, down to birth certificates, school records, drivers' licenses, etc.. i would hope that a film, expanded from this "twilight..." episode would offer more plot details as to how and why such a force would wish to impose its will and power on innocent men who are sent into space to explore the needs of men who spend time in orbit.. this plot would be a truly horrifying story and i believe it would be very successful.. stories about the supernatural, occult and forces that appear from nowhere and assault us without reason are in great demand nowadays.. i would want very much want to see a film that expands this story into a feature-length production.. having more time to pursue the story would offer more time to explore different possibilities for why the disappearances took place and how a few characters in the film would undertake to somehow pursue the mystery and find a solution..

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