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Which TV show did not live up to its hype?

Training Day - Created from the 2001 film, the series was hyped up for the months leading up to it and even its star, the late Bill Paxton, seemed to be enthusiastic about it. Unfortunately Paxton’s lifelong heart-related problems and the show’s uneven pacing, led to it plunging in the ratings. Paxton’s death in February of 2017 simply hastened the eventual cancellation of the program.

The Chevy Chase Show - As Chase’s film career was cooling down, the decision was made to give him a talk show. Frankly it started off being disastrous and things never improved. The program lasted six weeks and by the end of the series run, even Chase himself was making fun of it. The media hype surrounding the program alone should have been enough to make it last a year; however it was so terrible that it couldn’t even manage that.

Coupling (The American version) - Basically NBC commissioned the British creator of the successful UK series to create an Americanized version to act as a replacement for Friends which was coming to its series end. Unfortunately for all involved, the writer, Stephen Moffat, didn’t understand American audiences and the series cast a bunch of virtually unknown actors in roles that really should have been given to television veterans. Despite the hype leading up to the premiere and during its run, the show only aired four episodes on NBC before being pulled, and ultimately, cancelled.

Cosby - Bill Cosby’s follow up to his successful 1980s sitcom. Cosby changed networks, although Phylicia Rashad remained as his wife, although in a new setting and with a new name. The show struggled along, buoyed ironically, by the presence of Madeline Kahn, the comedic actress, who was unfortunately dying of cancer during its run. When Kahn died, the program did too, although it continued for another season until it was cancelled.

The Crazy Ones - Hyped as “Robin Williams’ return to television” the series never caught on and quickly sank like a stone. Although Williams tried valiantly to regain the “spark” that he seemed to have lost in his later years, ultimately the poor writing, Williams lack of chemistry with his costars, and the public’s lack of interest in Williams led to its cancellation after a single season. Three months after its cancellation in 2014, Robin Williams committed suicide.


We need a similar thread for movies that didn't live up to their hype either.


This is a good list. I remember them all, they were all hyped tremendously and never lived up to anybody's expectations. I would probably add The Jay Leno Show (the primetime version of his Tonight Show) and "Life With Lucy" to that list.