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Most annoying plot/writing devices?

The one that always annoys me is when characters who have never previously shown an interest in something all of a sudden start doing it. Usually because it is popular in society/the media.

Example, there is an episode of Happy Days where the Cunningham's take part in a rodeo, of course they are centre stage and just happen to be experts at what they are doing.

This is Us now has the main character as Vietnam Vet, this just popped up in season 3, I guess they needed ideas. But again, just because it was the 60's/70's it doesn't mean that everyone was in 'Nam or was a hippy.

So just curious to know if anyone else has any of these devices that annoy them?


When something which is trendy in our world becomes the must have topic in a TV show even if it has nothing to do with the general theme of the show itself.