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Films You Loved That No-One E;se Did

I have tonnes of films that I really enjoyed yet critics and general people alike absolutely hated. Wondering where everyone else stands with this.

Of these films, I have to favour "Cloud Atlas" because I love it to bits and can't stop watching it!


I've never heard of 'cloud atlas', but here are some of my choices...

'the horror of party beach'
'jaws 3-d'


Running Time starring Bruce Campbell. A small B&W art film, but it kicked ass and is the only "contiguous shot" film that equals Hitchcock's "Rope" in my mind.

- I have a giant soap box and I intend to smash you with it.


Wow, another person who likes Horror of Party Beach! I find it very entertaining and not dull at all!


So many despised films that I have enjoyed\loved and I would usually despise something that the herd flock too in droves:

TO WONG FOO THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, JULIE NEWMAR-95', (I think the title is the main problem with this one, although the others I saw it with, looked over at me when it was finished and contemptuously exclaimed...."What was that?" They loved "Priscilla" however, which I don't really like.

HOWARD THE DUCK-86', Silly premise and story, that I find works quite well and is also a sweet friendship\love story. It is also full of 80's charm, magic and terrific borderline cheesy optical effects.

1941-79', Spielberg's so called turkey, is over the top, riotous and zany; but is still very entertaining, funny and terrific to look at. Only really bombed in the US.


Hey Rascal, that's funny that you brought this up. I love, love "To Wong Foo, Thanks for everything, Julie Newmar". It is very funny, I ADORE the the main characters. It couldn't take itself less seriously, and there is a message in there to boot. Patrick Swayze realy surprised me with his all-out sportsmanship and he made for a dignified, lovely drag queen with a heart of gold. Some of my friends think it's too silly, but I think therein lies much of its charm. The movie doesn't try to be more than what it is, and what it is warm, genuinely funny and likeable.

"Priscilla, Queen of the Desert", on the other hand, suffered from too much ambition. The costumes were original, certainly, and vivid. And there were times when it seemed like it was going to be funny, but ultimately it took itself too seriously and I didn't care about any of the characters, with the exception of Terrence Stamp. My favorite part was either when the prissy muscle boy got drunk and tried to make a pass at some of the locals, ending badly. And I liked the end when they played ABBA's "Mamma Mia", but that's really only because I love ABBA. Lets put it this way: I own "To Wong Foo , Julie Newmar. Thanks for everything " and I don't own "Priscilla " My friends think I've got it all backward, but I couldn't care less.


Lets put it this way: I own "To Wong Foo , Julie Newmar. Thanks for everything " and I don't own "Priscilla " My friends think I've got it all backward, but I couldn't care less.

Hey Mr H, 👋

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I agree with and understand everything you have commented on about TO WONG FOO vs PRISCILLA. I don't know what it is about the film; but I had to go back the next day to see it again in 95'. Even a female friend I ran into on the street asked if I had seen it and then we both said at the same time..."It was better than PRISCILLA". She said if there had been another session straight after, she and her mother would have gone right back in. It was all about just being fabulous and while a bit silly, it had a nice message that was simply told and a huge heart. Something I think PRISCILLA lacked. All 3 leads were interesting and fun to watch and Swayze did make a beautiful woman. Snipes was so over the top and campy, that you could tell he was just having a great time with it and Leguizamo, stole the show as Miss Chi-Chi Rodriguez. " two are just too beautiful...". He deserved an Oscar nod as far as I am concerned.

PRISCILLA's characters were grating and annoying for the most part and really not that likeable and it was crude also. Not that I mind crude humor; but it appeared like it only wanted to shock and get laughs out of dirty jokes and I don't really think it did the gay community any real favors. One could get the impression, that being gay, is about wanting to be in drag. I didn't get this from TO WONG FOO. It knew that "some" gay guys, had far too much dress sense for one gender and they just had to be fabulous. 😄 PRISCILLA was like, lets laugh AT the drag queens, instead of laugh WITH them and their humanity. Stamp was an asset though, like you have mentioned and is the main reason for me to watch it. I don't own either; but I am waiting for TOO WONG to be released on blu ray. I won't be bothering with PRISCILLA.


... I liked the end when they played ABBA's "Mamma Mia", but that's really only because I love ABBA.
Have you seen MURIEL'S WEDDING-94' Mr. H? If you love ABBA—sorry, don't know how to make a backwards B—you would enjoy this. I have seen it a trillion times over and never get sick of it. Interesting that it came out the same year as PRISCILLA and both are now considered little Aussie classics. MW, has a terrificness about it, that I think PRISCILLA lacks.


Hey Rascal, yeah I really like Muriel's Wedding. It was thoroughly enjoyable, and I've always been drawn towards movies which contain both elements of comedy and drama /tragedy. I felt so bad for the mother. I can sort of relate to her (not to sound overly pathetic mind you). And I loved the relationship between Muriel and her best friend (played by Rachel Griffith, who is wonderful. Can't remember the character's name off the top of my head. ) I love the bit where she says to the snotty girls, "I'd rather eat nails than drink with you. By the way, your friend us *beep* Chalk!" What a great segue to ABBA'S "Waterloo"! Perfect timing.

I was so happy that Muriel finally woke up to herself by the end of the movie. Best friends!!! I can only hope that she reconnected with that super adorable boy she met at the shop. I never found the swimming champ to be cute in the slightest.

As I recall, MW and Priscilla were pretty much released back to back here in the States.