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Terrifying Versions Of Harry Potter Will Probably Give You Nightmares

For a long time, Harry Potter was considered the norm for young children. All are designed in a bright and eye-catching way to suit younger audiences. However, the appearance of  Voldemort, the Forbidden Forest, and evil creatures like Dementors can still scare the audience sometimes. Additionally, there are dark, horror scenes in the Harry Potter films that aren't often shown in movie posters.

Have you ever imagined what your favorite childhood characters would be like if they were in a horror movie? Specifically, what will happen if Harry Potter becomes more horrifying? To answer this question, artist Dylan Pierpont creates horror illustrations that simulate the Harry Potter movie posters. This series of images is a way to revisit all the content that the artist consumed in his childhood and he is now looking at it from an adult perspective.

Scroll down and enjoy them if you don't mind your childhood being ruined and are looking for a horror look at the series.
#1 Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone.

There are 7 different posters, corresponding to each part of the wizard boy's journey.

#2 Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets.

Different from the cartoon pictures that are only associated with the age of 13, this picture is much darker and scarier.

#3 Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban.

This image appears to be quite similar to J.K. Rowling's original artwork.

#4 Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire.

For young people, they will feel interested in this photo. But for parents, they may consider whether or not they should let their children see this movie again.

#5 Harry Potter and The Order Of Phoenix.

Many people think that director James Wan or Guillermo Del Toro can completely create a horror Harry Potter movie line from here.

#6 Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince.

With just a glance, do you recognize this childhood favorite character?

#7 Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows.

The haunting image of the 7 Horcruxes in the last part of the series from a horror perspective.



I think it would be really interesting to see a more horrifying Harry Potter movie.