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When did it all go to S***T??????????

Back in the day, you started off a movie.
It said something like Twentieth Century Fox
Then it said just a couple things.
One producer. One director. MAYBE who wrote the script, though not often. And the names of maybe two stars.
And then the movie started.

No one, ever in history other than movie critics, ever gave a FUCK about any of
that except for the name of WHO IS IN THIS?

All you used to need to know was, "Its a Spielberg movie"
"It's a Arnold Schwarzenegger movie" yells in my face::
.A CU NT DELUSIONAL PRODUCTION in association with Politically Correct Assholes Company.

A subsidiary of Some Jews Investment Corporation!

Associate executive assistant to the assistant producer....Some Girl Who Gave The Director A Blowjob then Blackmailed Him.....

pointless expense added on by Douchebag Style Systems........


from Crappy Pretention Studios of Africa.........

Special Effects by Overpriced Jerk in His Mother's Basement on a Macintosh computer.........

Why? WHY do they drag us through that SeWER? And ending credits were ALWAYS long.

Now, no exaggeration, NO EXAGGERATION, ending credits run literally fifteen minutes.
Really? I need to know which Fag brought the star a donunt once?

Show up on time so you can get a seat because if you don't some twenty year old CUNT will have her coat covering three seats "saved" for her friends.

Then, 45 minutes of car commercials before the movie starts.

So.......get a gun, go to the movies. Do what needs to be done.


They did used to have long movie intros for a good few minutes showing credits. I remember the last one I sat through and it was shots of empty streets, parked cars and a lame pop song off the soundtrack playing with the credits over the top. It added nothing to the film at all


A theater starting time is not the starting time of the movie. They want you to watch 20 minutes of movie trailers just to pique your interest. They also want you to get mad at the trailers so you head (pissed off now that there are 10 trailers) off to the snake bar and eat your brains out. That's how they make money. But there's nothing wrong with it.

Sometimes I will watch the credits while waiting for the theater to empty out.


I have no idea what you're talking about, intro credits were always a thing and many new movies don't have them at all. Go see a doctor.