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pandemic films during corona season

so i just watched coronavirus and stuff and i think it's very timely considering we are currently experiencing as a society Contagion. gotta say it wasn't grainy enough for me. it didn't push film as a medium. like maybe it just wasnt medium specific and i'm "tripping", there was still no grain. i don't think it's criterion worthy at all. the jude law bit felt pinned on, really just in the way. gotta meet that 120 min page min. and so much fake on-set lighting. hollywood plot structure meant to rope in americans like maltodextrin or high fructose cornsyrup. lot of biobabble that just recalls the tradition of technobabble in mediocre, genre-cinema. this is a movie not a film. believe it or not this film didn't feel grave enough, you didn't get the scope of loss and it's emotional corollary. something about it felt detatched. at least that's how i see the writing's treatment of the main character. Contagion might exemplify hyperlink cinema, but it's not the academic-term-that-connotes-a-rather-general-thing's best example, not even close. if you need fandemic pilms because of Outbreak go watch coronavirus. if you need jumpy, network societies go watch amores perros. i give this film a two.