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Favorite/Most Memorable Rivalries

What would you say would be your favorite game rivalries? I don't really care for personal rivalries. I'm talking about rivalries with people that you could not play games with but you appreciated what they brought.

I'd say Soco, Travis, Haley, Jimmy, Max, Mel, Tom, Merc, Henry. These were probably the ones that stand out most when I think about games. Tyler was always two steps ahead of me when everyone thought he was just not in the game. Travis was a heck of a strategic player and I found him to be hard to campaign against (especially when he could get everyone under his spell). Haley in her prime was a beast to deal with and was the ultimate femme fatale. I loved that she was vocal about things too and held her own. I miss her a lot


Such an insane challenge player and strategist.
you're being too kind 

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And ugh I dont know, rivalries. Rivalries has kind of a fun tone to it. I think I dont have any rivalries here anymore. There are people I flat out can't stand and would rather drop out of a game than play with them. But usually if I was in a rivalry against someone in one game, we would be BFFs and Final 2-ing in the next one 

Except Tom after Zuvhinis Heroes vs Villains. I wanted to destroy him after that for like 2 months. 

Oh it's like slang. From...England


Tom is a heck of a schemer 24/7 which made him more dangerous than anyone ever.

That's the nicest thing you've ever said about me, betch.

I wanted to destroy him after that for like 2 months.

I'm going to perform Inception on you to make this memory die.

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Awww thank you sir. I miss the villain days.