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What is the name of this movie? Please! This scene was HILLARIOUS!!

Hi Everyone,

So, I don't know the name of this movie. I only saw this one scene. In the scene there is an Asian man (30s? relatively young). He plays, if I had to guess..a servant, (butler, pool boy, hired help of some sort) to a very well to do woman. I think he might be the Asian guy from "Revenge of the Nerds" or possibly the Asian actor who was in the "Police Academy" films. Anyway, this woman who is very well to do, lusts for him. She tries to seduce him and he rejects her advances every time with the reply: "No Effendi" (The only english he seems to know) . She tries every tactic in the book to get him to sleep with her and it's to no avail. Finally, she loses her temper and she offers him a million dollars to f-ck her. Her says again "No Effendi". So, she says "You mean to tell me you will not have sex with me if I give you one million dollars?". Except *this* time there is a noticable pause and he instead says "A million and a half!" (He spoke ENGLISH ALL ALONG!!! lmao). He then proceeds to tell her in very articulate english how they both know that a millon dollars can be spent in very little time,etc.etc.--Does anyone know the name of this movie?


I think it is The Lounge People (1992).