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I am trying to identify the name of a (short?) Movie set in ether Australia or New Zeeland in the late 80s or 1990s

I think it as part of a UK Channel 4 series of gay/lesbian shorts in the late 90s or early 2000s so I could be mixing 2 or more Films up

It is about the relationship between two women who meet at a community centre life model art class

One is an older women who lives alone (middle class) is an artist and works at a local community centre or collage teaching art she is in a relationship having an affair with a (possibly married) man I used to think he was played by Geoffrey Rush. I used to think she was American or played by some one from the flying Doctors TV show.

The second Women is younger (working class) and lives with her boyfriend in a poorer part of town
one or both are car mechanics she has tattoos shortish black hair and is the Life Model at The art class taut by the first women. I am unsure but I don’t think the boy friend knows about the class

The two women start talking at the end of one of the classes and become friendly. Some time latter I think to get away from every thing they take a trip to a farm with horses.

I can remember some scenes

The older women answers the door at her home it is the mane she is in a relationship with they move up the hall kissing but for some reason not touching

There is definitely one were they young couple are at home in bed talking briefly before she goes to sleep

I think there is a scene were the younger women is at work in a garage she puts petrol in a Jeep Wrangler and checks out under the hood and the tyres I am very unsure because I thought the older women was driving the car with the younger one in the passenger seat on the way to the farm

At the farm one morning the younger women runs around an adjacent white wooden fence horse paddock and gets very dirty on returning to the farm house the older women cleans all the dirt off her in the kitchen with a cloth (like a sponge bath) I think latter that day they make love in front of a lit open fire place

I may have combined two or more short films together but the art teacher and life model are correct as is the age difference the fact they both have male partners. The trip to the farm the getting muddy hoarse paddock the and the sponge bathe and love making are also right. But I am not sure the are in the same film

Dose any one have any ideas its not Desert Hearts Bound High Art or The Monkey's Mask its more like Go Fish or Rosebud but in Australia or New Zealand?